The Daisy Meadow

Faye has just started a new life - by the coast. It all seems too perfect to be true: a beautiful daisy meadow, a sandy beach, one of the best schools in town. It all gets a bit overwhelming, but with new friendships and a new school, will Faye be able to stay herself, and get the boy she deserves?


3. The Boy at the Beach

The next morning, I wake up to the sound of my alarm ringing in my ears. I roll over, whacking the snooze button, before rolling back over again, and falling back to sleep. It's my normal routine when it comes to getting up early, so it's not surprising. 5 minutes later it rings again, and I do the same. After a few times of that happening, I hear my Mum entering the room.

"Faye," she says quietly, "You need to get up. You're starting at the new school today, aren't you now?" I sit bolt upright. How could I forget? My mum leaves me to get changed and I gather up some clothing, slipping off my Jim Jams and changing into them. Before leaving the house, I quickly toast some bread, spreading it with butter and jam - my favourite! Then, I slip on my shoes, grab my bag, and we head off, my mum unlocking the car parked outside.

"What's this school going to be like?" I ask my Mum, when we're inside the car - all belted up - on our way. I look over to her, to see her smiling.

"You'll love it!" She says, beaming "It's the best school in town!"

I raise my eyebrows. "I hope so."

When we reach the school, it just looks normal, like all the others. Nothing really stands out particularly, and everyone is dressed in their own clothes. So I won't be the only one after all. Mum drops me off by the kerb, giving me a peck on the cheek.

"Have a good day sweetie," she says to me, "I'm sure you'll be just fine." I half-smile, doubting it'll be true, but nevertheless I start to walk off, into the crowd of bustling teenagers. In only a few minutes, I'm already in the middle of what seems an audience, and I can't see my Mum's car anymore. I turn around in circles, watching everybody walking about. Pushing and shoving. Chitting and chatting.

Suddenly, I feel a hand on my shoulder, and I swivel around to see someone standing in front of me, someone I can't quite make out. I reach my hand up to my forehead, a sharp pain seeping through my body. I begin to feel a bit dizzy, leaning forward, and I hear voices echo in and out of my ears.

"Are you ok?" I vaguely hear a voice say. I look up. I still can't quite see what the person looks like, but I trust in them anyway.

"I feel...really...faint." I stammer, whilst they slide my arm over their shoulder, leading me somewhere. I duck away from the crowd, under some sort of shelter bench, and they seat me down. I lean my head back against the hard, stone wall behind me, my head slowly coming back together again.

"Feeling any better?" They say to me, and I nod, pushing my fingers through my hair. My eyes begin to adjust, and in no time, I can see perfectly again - well, almost perfectly. It must have been the crowds. I turn to my right, looking to see who helped me. And that's when I notice. Short, brown, ruffled hair. Checkered shorts. Plain top. It's him. The boy at the beach.

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