The Daisy Meadow

Faye has just started a new life - by the coast. It all seems too perfect to be true: a beautiful daisy meadow, a sandy beach, one of the best schools in town. It all gets a bit overwhelming, but with new friendships and a new school, will Faye be able to stay herself, and get the boy she deserves?


2. A Call with Courtney

"Faye," My mother says, as soon as I let myself into the house, "I could really do with a hand making dinner. Could you..."

"Sure," I say, knowing my mum's favourite saying when I hear it. I slip off my shoes, grab an apron, and join my mother in the kitchen, which is covered with pots and pans. I sigh. When will she ever learn how to cook cleanly?

I start by dunking all the pans that were left around in some hot soapy water, and then wipe the surfaces clean. I boil some pasta for the sauce that my mum's cooking, and in a few minutes, it's all sorted. Done. My mum thanks me, laying the table, and we sit down, just the two of us, for yet another meal.

"So," My mother says, starting conversation, "Was the beach nice?"

I smile. "It was lovely! Quiet, and peaceful. There was no one around."

"No one? Not one single person?"

"Er...yeah. No one at all." I say, deciding not to mention the lonely boy who was standing on the beach.

I gobble up the rest of my pasta, before dropping the bowl in the sink with all the other pans. My mum gives me the 'you can leave' signal, and I'm off, clambering up the stairs to my new bedroom.

As I enter, the door squeaks, revealing a pale blue room, dotted with white, and a newly furnished double bed in the middle. Two bedside tables sit beneath some baby-blue lamps, and a giant wardrobe is placed on the left hand side, a wavy mirror down one of the doors.

We agreed at the start I would recieve this room: being spacious and all. Also, my mum is always busying herself downstairs, though I'm more of a 'hide in the bedroom' sort of girl. My mother's room is a little smaller than mine. It's just plain white, because she likes to think that it means it can be any colour she likes, and one, single bed is placed in the middle. Just one.

Since my father died, back in January last year, my mother's never wanted another husband, or boyfriend for that matter. She still hasn't got over the fact that he's not with us anymore, and it's so much tougher than we imagined. That's why she now owns a single bed. So no other can share it with her. It was my idea - a smart one too - and I guess if she needs company, she can always hop into my double bed with me.

I plop myself on the duvet cover, flipping open my phone, and dial my favourite number on my contacts list: Courtney's.

"Heyyy!" Courtney says, a shrill of excitement in her voice.

"Hi, how ya doing?" I say back, glad to hear her voice again. I haven't spoken to my older sister in ages now, seeing as she's now living with Grandma. She moved there over a year ago, because she really wanted to go to this school that specialises in English, and that was the only option: To live with Grandma. She still visits occassionally though, bringing the odd present here and there. But it's nice to speak to her, as I miss her a lot.

"I'm fine thanks," She now says down the phone, "My sweet sixteenth birthday went pretty well actually, and Grandma made this gourgeous cake!"

"Wow, sounds great!" I say, glad she had a good time, even without me and mum being there.

"I really wish you could have been here though," She adds, "I miss you so much."

"Yeah," I say back, "I miss you too." Silence falls over us, and I'm unsure of what to say. My mobile is still placed to my ear, the only thing between me and my sister, and as I move it slowly away, I suddenly her a faint sobbing noise coming from down the line. I put it to my ear again. Loud sniffs bellow down the line, and it sounds as though Courtney is crying.

" ok?" I stammer, watching in the mirror as my face changes from happy to concerned.

"I'm fine," I hear Courtney sob, after a few minutes. A rustling sound is heard, and it sounds as though she's reaching for tissues.

"Courtney, please tell me what's going on..." I whisper, biting my lip.

"Faye, I'm fine. I just...I just..." She bursts into full range sobbing again, and the phone suddenly hangs up. I fold my mobile away into my pocket and fall back onto my bed, head in my hands. It's hard trying to speak to your sister when's she's so far away. To think she's over 6 hours away in London, is hard to take in as it is, but when she's having a hard time coping with schoolwork, and keeping in touch with relatives, it's just so hard to not think about how much she's drifting away from you. Bit by bit. Slowly falling into a new life, much different from the past. I'd always loved her being around: a big sister to look after you, someone you can learn from, a shoulder to cry on. But now it's all changed. I hardly even recognise her anymore. And I'm just so scared that she will never be the same...ever again...

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