This is a story about a famous pop-star named Ryan Ozoroski who's wife's life is at risk and he doesn't have a clue about it. When his ex girlfriend shows up, his life twists in an unusual way.............



    It was a freaky Friday night, a weekend, where all the teens of the town go crazy and party all night long. The famous pop-star was in town, Ryan Ozoroski. His crew "THE ROCK SHOCKS" and him were on tour, to different countries, over the hills, under the sea, even in space, jamming their admired tunes into the raging crowd of teens' ears. One lucky winner was chosen to sing along with them on their new hit song "True Black". As the crowd anticipated to hear the winner's name Ryan picked out a paper from the enormous pile of chits in a box.

"Alice Williams?" Ryan called out into the microphone. "Who's Alice Williams over here? Anybody?"

Just then a petite, sheepishly smiling girl jumped up "It's me!" she shouted. "It's me! I'm Alice."

"Got ID proof?" a stout man, one of Ryan's body guards showed up. "I need to see your ID proof before you can get on stage."

"Tough luck." the girl replied. "Sorry I'm not Alice."

Just then a girl came up to the body guard whose name tag had FRANK inscribed on it and showed him her ID.

"I'm Alice Williams!!" she announced proudly, kind of excited.

"Alright, you need to come with me " said Frank, and showed Alice the way.

He went back stage, up a spiral stair case and finally, well, to Ryan of course! Then Frank gave her a microphone.

"Hi I'm Ryan, Ryan Ozoroski." Ryan said. "So you must be Alice, right?

"Um, well yeah." said Alice, kind of shy.

"Okay its time to sing. Get ready!" Ryan looked into her eyes and began to sing.

Alice picked up after him and was so engrossed in their singing she forgot all about her surroundings. It was so magical to be up on stage, and that too with Ryan! The Ryan Ozoroski! Along with thousands of fans cheering their heads off this was a real fantasy. Ryan seemed to like her voice too as he kept on glancing in her direction.

"Baby you need to show me.....whats really inside your head....coz if its everythin', then you're caressed...TRUE BLACK OOO OO OO I think your minds in TRUE BLACK OOO OO OO....." trailed their voices all night long. 

Alice's favorite cousin, Ashley, was among the crowds, really happy for Alice's luck! Ashley's boyfriend Dominic was there too. They were a great couple, always supporting Alice after her little 3 year old brother, Max, died in a tragic incident. He fell into a local pool, on a hot sunny day. There were too many people around and it was crowded. He drowned. Alice's life totally twisted after that. Even her college life was affected with this. She was studying to become an architect. But with this incident she failed one of her exams. But then Ashley and Dominic showed her light by doing many things, such as this concert. Opportunity knocks at every doorstep and this was one opportunity which changed her life. 

Ryan, on the other hand had a fun filled life. All he had to do was sing, sing and sing. He was the lead player, with his cherry red electric guitar. His crew consisted of five members including him. Tom, a lean high school boy with long orange hair was on the drums. Then there was Jake, who played the keyboard, with spiky jet black hair which was very popular with the girls. Karan, a student from India who came to America to achieve his dreams, played the base guitar. It was his passion but his parents were unhappy with all that because they wanted him to just study and become an engineer. There used to be two girls in this band but we don't know what happened to one of them and now there remains Lilly, part singer and part percussion. Lastly we have Ryan Ozoroski. Lead singer, and the hugest heart throb.

The other girl involved in the band was Vanessa Olker. She used to be the lead singer and guitarist along with Ryan. She also happened to be Ryan's ex girlfriend. Rumor has it that there was some misunderstanding between the couple and they had a break up, resulting in Vanessa quitting THE ROCK SHOCKS. 

"TRUEEE BLACK OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....." ended the song. There were tears in  most of the fans eyes . the song was really a hit and everyone loved it including Alice who enjoyed singing it more than hearing it.

" did you like it ? Ryan asked Alice. "I didn't like it.

"why didn't you like it. but it was really awesome."

"naahh..... i didn't like it because i was the one who wrote it and i believe that my songs aren't worth it."




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