Here in your arms

Lauren was a normal teenage girl. She was 17 and she lived in England. She, just like every other teenager in the world, was obsessed with the boy band, One Direction. When she finally gets to meet the boys, she is surprised to find out that one of them has developed certain feelings for her, thinking of her as a little bit mlre than just another fan.


2. This isn't mine.

We were on our way to the signing on Monday morning. I want everything to be perfect. i got a cute outfit, and i did my makeup nice and everything, i didn't expect anything to happen really, i just wanted them to notice me. We were there and i opened my door and walked inside. The line was already huge. I couldn't see the front of the line, but based on the screaming i was hearing, i knew the boys  were here. We finally got up to the front of the line and i started to get excited. I turned to my sister, Hannah, and smiled. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it. "Here we go." I turned around and there they were. Looking perfect, as always. I looked down line. They were all smiling big and we both walked up to the long table and smiled. "Hello, beautiful." Harry Styles. God, he knew how to make a girl melt. I set my phone down on the table as he reached out his hand. "Hello, i'm Niall." He smiled. It was cute how he introduced himself, as if i didn't know who he was. "Hello Niall, I'm Lauren." His smiled was so big. I couldn't believe i was actually here. After we talked for a few minutes and they signed my stuff, i picked up my phone and Hannah and i walked away. When i got in the car i slid the unlock button on my iphone. "That's weird." I was confused. "What?" hannah asked. "Well, i could have sworn my background was a picture of you and I, but this is a picture of Harry and Louis." "Well, maybe you changed it and just forgot." "Yeah," i whispered to myself "maybe." I went to type in my passcode which just happened to be onedirection. When i was done typing the phone vibrated and the screen turned red while the words 'wrong passcode try again' popped up and the screen. I typed it again. And again. And again. "This isn't my phone, Han." "Well who's phone is it?" I clicked on the camera at the bottom of the screen and gasped at the pictures i was looking at. "Hannah," I turned to look at her as we pulled in the driveway, "I think i have Harry Styles' phone." 

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