Here in your arms

Lauren was a normal teenage girl. She was 17 and she lived in England. She, just like every other teenager in the world, was obsessed with the boy band, One Direction. When she finally gets to meet the boys, she is surprised to find out that one of them has developed certain feelings for her, thinking of her as a little bit mlre than just another fan.


1. The Surprise

I woke up on Saturday morning and walked downstairs. It was my 17th birthday, but i wasn't really expecting to have that great of a day. There was only one thing i wanted for my birthday this year. One Direction. i just wanted to meet them. More than anything in the world. I mean they are just so perfect! Harry Styles is the most gorgeous human in the world. Zayn Malik is just so damn hot. Louis Tomlinson is hilarious and he is just perfect. Did i mention he has a really nice ass? Liam Payne is the nicest person ever and he is so cute! And Niall Horan. Niall Horan is beautiful. He's so cute and really funny too. I know what you're thinkning. 'Damn. This girl is crazy is hell.' But I'm not. It's all true. They're having a CD signing tomorrow. I want to go so bad!! But i know my mom won't let me. When i got downstairs no one was there. Typical. She probably didn't even remember my birthday. I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the fridge. 'Lauren, Went to the store! Happy Birthday, sweetie! Love, Mom.' I walked upstairs and went into my parents' room. I walked in and sat down on their bed. This will be my 16th birthday without m dad. He left right after my 1st birthday. I don't remember him, and I don't think i'll ever see him again. Sometimes i miss him. But i hate him so much for leaving us like that. He just left with nothing but a note saying goodbye. I felt a hot tear run down my cheek. I heard a knock on the door and quick rubbed my eyes. "Hi, sweetie what are you-" She looked at my and saw my red eyes. "Oh, Lauren. Come here." She hugged me. i had so many things i could say, but I just didn't want to say them. "Smile, i have a surprise for you." I looked up and sniffed. "What is it?" "Well, i know you have been wanting to go see those boys, New Direction? "ONE DIRECTION." "Oh, yeah. Them. So i decided that i would let you use my car and you can go to that thing tomorrow. But you have to bring your sister." "Oh my god thank you thank you thank you!" I didnt mind bringing my sister. She was pretty cool. She was only a year younger than me, and she wasn't annoying or anything. I ran to my room and grabbed my phone and dialed me sister's number. "Get your ass home. We have some shopping to do."

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