Don't forget me

A Harry Styles fanfic<3
Life is a rollercoaster it has it's up's and it's downs but sometimes it's more than the other<3


6. Chapter 6

Hai guys xx Rosalind akaRosiee here, here's my first chapter of this fanfic hope you likee<3

I woke up to Harry knocking at my door "Can I come in?" I could hear him faintly. "Come in" I yawned. To my surprise he came in with a tray, and on that tray was fried eggs, bacon, waffles, mushrooms and hash browns with some orange juice. So I sat up to eat my breakfast and have my drink when the rest of the boys come in with balloons and a present, I was startled they remembered my birthday, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe they remembered my birthday, I was over the moon. They started to sing 'happy birthday in their lush voices, but all you do is sit there eating your breakfast and smile like an idiot. "Happy Birthday" Harry said after they finished singing.

The boys left me in peace so I got changed into; a black vest with a see-through black top, with skulls and black denim jeans. I walked downstairs and there was some presents, I unwrapped the first one which was a large box of chocolates. The second one was a small box, I opened it and there was keys in there. I looked at the boys with a confused face,they led me outside where a car was waiting for me. My jaw dropped and I couldn't speak. "Wh-wh-wh- wha-a-at"I finally spat out. The boys were just stood there smiling "For you kit-kat happy 18th birthday" Harry said patting your shoulder. I turned around smiling, grinning, smirking and had a group hug. "How'd you afford it?" I asked. They just tapped their nose while smiling.

I were out all day with the boys at the park, shopping and running round the store looking for Niall. "C'mon Niall we need to get home" Harry muttered. I found him in, I guessed it the food court in the Que for nandos. "Hey!" Niall exclaimed as you pulled him away. When I got home I walked into the living room, it was dark, so I turned the light on and there were loads of people who shouted "SURPRISE!!" I were defiantly surprised. I were gob-smacked, speechless and starting to tear up. Harry noticed this and gave me a hug, so I hugged back. Some music started so I danced with the boys like idiots, when a slow song came on and Harry asked "Can I take this dance?" I nodded and were dancing through the night to Gotta Be You. 

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