Don't forget me

A Harry Styles fanfic<3
Life is a rollercoaster it has it's up's and it's downs but sometimes it's more than the other<3


5. Chapter 5

Hey guysandgirlies just a quick note saying I have a new co-author! RosalindA.K.ARosiee:) Will be starting her chapters soon anyways back to the storyy!Ciara<3xoxoxo

I climb into my cart and so do the boys, We all line up into our groups from one side of the arena to the other I looked at the traffic light RED ORANGE GREEN! We all speed ahead as I crash straight into Louis which made my head jolt foward "Oww.."I moaned, Louis looked at me sympatheticly "Sorry my Carrot Queen" I laughed as Zayn crashed into me "Hah in your face baby!"He said dragging the "Y" I glared at him and he drove away chuckling, I turned around to drive into Zayn but instead I hit Harry who then hit Zayn, They both glared at me "Hey, Kill two birds with one stone" I said winking then driving away. BEEP! BEEP! The race was over so we all pulled over, I climbed out of my cart to be thrown over someone's shoulder my face is covered with big brown curls...Harry "Harry!Put me down!" I looked down at his face and he smirked I just rolled my eyes and started playing with the strings on his jacket.Then he dumps me in the car as we all jump in.I just can't wait for my birthday tomorrow but I'm not going to tell the boys obviously they would take it way over the top..


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