Don't forget me

A Harry Styles fanfic<3
Life is a rollercoaster it has it's up's and it's downs but sometimes it's more than the other<3


4. Chapter 4

I stood there walking around the room deciding what to wear until I remebered my outfit It was a blue tank top saying 'Young Wild And Free' On it in black, Black shorts, Black Vans and a pair of black Ray-Bans. I put them on then did my hair plaiting it up into a messy bun, I stood in the mirror as I placed the Ray-Bans on the top of my head I looked amazing. I smiled and admired my outfit then walked out to the boys with their jaws open. "Wow" Was all they could say I giggled at their faces "Close your mouth boys you might catch flies" I giggled walking past them all to the door "Well come on then!" They closed their mouths and smiled as Louis grabbed his car keys.


We arrived at the fair, It was litteraly deserted although it was 25 degrees! I ran over to the rollercoaster called 'The Tummy Spiller' "Hey can we go on this?" The boys all gulped as Harry spoke up "Of course we will, Won't we boys?" He nudged Zayn who opened his eyes and shook his head. I ran over to them and started pushing Zayn towards the rollercoaster, We climbed on and Louis and Harry sat next to me as Liam,Niall and Zayn were behind. The ride started with a jolt as we got higher and higher and as I looked down to see the rest there were LOADS of loop the loops, Harry and Louis obviously looked aswell because I felt their hands grab mine and they sqealed a little as we dropped down.


I ran out jumping about "That was amazing!" I turned around to the boys who were weakly smiling as they all had white faces, I walked over to Harry and Louis and put my arm around them both "Come on boys it wasn't that bad, Hey look theres bumper cars" I said pointing to a big area with bumper cars, Their faces lit up as they all shouted "BEAT YOU THERE!" I stood there with Niall and Liam and shrugged, We all decided to walk over as Zayn,Louis and Harry were stood around talking and laughing "Interupting something are we?" Niall said walking through their group to the line "Yes six people please" He said speaking to the Bumper Cars manager "Yes we've decided to go into groups Me,Harry and Zayn VS You,Liam and Niall" Louis said walking up to me and stared at me "Oh it's on" I said staring back "It's on like donkey kong!" Said Liam as we all burst out laughing and climbed into the carts.

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