Don't forget me

A Harry Styles fanfic<3
Life is a rollercoaster it has it's up's and it's downs but sometimes it's more than the other<3


2. Chapter 2

Zayn stood there smirking "What? How did you-" He threw me over his shoulder "Zayn! Put me down!" I don't like being the smallest, I always got thrown about "Come on Kit-Kat" He said unlocking the door. All of the boys were stood there with stupid smirks on their faces "Aha come on babe it's just a movie" Said Harry taking me off Zayn's shoulder to carry my bridal style. I liked it when he did that I could have an excuse to look into his gorgeous eyes, He ran down the stairs making me jiggle about "Harry stop it!" I said laughing.


We all sat down in Harry's theatre and all of the boys sat around me ,Obviously they had to surround me from getting out..They knew me well. The movie started and I clutched onto Harry's hand tightly, It was a video of a girl's room and it was quiet until the boy's all screamed "BOO!" Which made me jump out of my seat and scream "BOYS!" I said, Heart still pounding. They were all rolling on the ground laughing as I made a break for it. This time I locked my balcony door and fell asleep.


I woke up to the boy's singing "It's time to get up!" and I opened my eyes to see them jumping on my bed. I sat up wiping my eyes "But how did you- The door-" Harry laughed "You keep forgetting our rooms link by the bathroom" I looked over to the bathroom door and saw into Harry's room, I snuck down to the bottom of the cover to have the cover taken off me "It's breakfast come one Kit-Kat IM HUNGRY" Said Niall dragging me out of the bed.

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