Don't forget me

A Harry Styles fanfic<3
Life is a rollercoaster it has it's up's and it's downs but sometimes it's more than the other<3


1. Chapter 1

I shook my hips as I danced in the studio along to Wiley Heatwave when I heard clapping and woops "Hey new dance?" Said Harry walking up to me leaving the boys laughing at the door "How long were you there?"I said blushing, Zayn spoke up "Long enough" They all burst into laughter except Harry who whispered in my ear "It's an amazing dance babe" Then spoke out loud putting his hands on my waist "Got to show me some of your moves sometime"He winked at me. Then What Makes You Beautiful came on, I started blushing badly and ran over to stop it but Louis ran in front of my iPod dock "Secret fan are you?" He said wiggling his eyebrows. "Louis... Yes I am now move"I said giggling trying to get around his arms as he swooped me off me feet "Louis put me down!"I said kicking his back lightly enough not to hurt him "Harry?"I said flirty with a puppy face, He shook his head as Louis chucked me on the sofa. The boys stood around me, Liam stared at me "We are going to watch Paranormal Activity 3 and you will watch it" No! I hated horror movies! They all picked me up as I wriggled about enough to get down. I scrambled up the stairs and into my bedroom, I locked the door and fell on my bed as I heard someone open my balcony door.

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