Just One Kiss- Harry Styles FanFic

Rosalinda has the life any teenager would want. She's the star tennis player, has a perfect grade point average and she is friends with local hottie Declan. Rose has always liked Declan, probably since pre-schoo, now he is showing signs that he likes her back. Declan gives her tickets to her favorite band, One Direction for her birthday. However it does come with a catch, Declan goes with her. Rose's life changes fast and it almost seems like its spinning chaotically out of contro, and only one person can distract her from this.


2. How he Pretects me

 Harry's dimple showed and I looked at his glorious face. His arm was still firmly placed on my shoulder and I smiled awkwardly. I'd never been this close to someone famous before, I felt like I was naked standing in the center of the football field for the homecoming game. They stared at me with welcoming smiles but I still felt lost and fairly uncomfortable. I sighed and looked at the ground. It was an off shade if grey and very rough to the touch. I also noticed my shoes were gone and I wiggled my toes. The room itself was tiny and cramped I figured it was probably Harry's dressing room but I wasn't to positive. Niall coughed a little and we all looked at him. He looked at us confused for a moment then chuckled, in that instant we all did, including myself.  We laughed for a few minutes over nothing. It was as if instantly. Liam took my hand and I looked up at him, his eyes watched me steadily examining my head for anymore fractures or scrapes. "How are you feeling love?" I smiled at him his eyes could make any girl melt in an instant, "I'm alright just a little shaken up is all" he nodded and kissed my forehead then sat next to me. I saw Harry turn his head toward Liam and glare a little. At least, I think he was glaring, I couldn't tell, my head felt like it was ten thousand pounds and I was kinda of having issues comprehending everything. Zayn finally spoke, his voice was quiet a smooth and yet at the same time so seductive, if my head didn't hurt as bad as it did I might have started to stare at him. "You should be getting rest though love." I nodded my eyelids slowly starting to get heavier with each blink, "Do you want one of us to stay with you?" I looked around and nodded, because I was to afraid to stay there alone especially after what had just happened. I don't know who or why but that wasn't an accident and I was determined to find out why. "Hello?!" Louis' voice brought me back out of my thoughts, "What?" he chuckled at me with a smile on his face, "Who do you want to stay with you?" I didn't even think before I answered I just said his name off the top of my head, he was clearly shocked to, "Harry, I want Harry." The boys nodded and slowly left the room leaving me and Harry there in the silence. He slipped his hand down the side of my arm and I started getting drowsier, that is until Harry placed his hand on my waist and pulled me closer. My heart skipped a beat and heat rushed to my face. He stood got down on the floor and kneeled in front of me, he rested his hand on my cheek and brushed his thumb back and forth. "Lay down." I obeyed and moved up next to the wall, he cuddled up next to me, placing his hand on my stomach and his mouth right next to my ear. His breath was warm against my neck. I could feel his eyes watching me, burning a hole in the back of my head, I was so comfortable, I felt safe cuddled up against his chest, he smelt so sweet, like warm carmel.  His lips grazed my ear and my heart race sped up, "Get some rest love",  how was I supposed to sleep with him this close to me? "I can't" I could feel the smirk slither across his face, he wanted to see how easily I'd melt being near him, in all honestly I melted pretty quick but who wouldn't? "Why not?" I rolled over and faced him, his green eyes filled with joy and mischief. He enjoyed watching me fall crazy head over heals for him, he wanted to see me like this. What he doesn't know is that I can play this game to. I touched my lips to his and just sat there, whenever he would go to fully kiss me I'd pull back, teasing him, luring him in. He moaned slightly and I rolled back over, I heard him mutter under his breath, "Tease" I smiled to myself and closed my eyes letting the drowsiness take over and drag me into a deep and dark sleep.   
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