Just One Kiss- Harry Styles FanFic

Rosalinda has the life any teenager would want. She's the star tennis player, has a perfect grade point average and she is friends with local hottie Declan. Rose has always liked Declan, probably since pre-schoo, now he is showing signs that he likes her back. Declan gives her tickets to her favorite band, One Direction for her birthday. However it does come with a catch, Declan goes with her. Rose's life changes fast and it almost seems like its spinning chaotically out of contro, and only one person can distract her from this.


1. Best Birthday?

Before I met Harry I was a normal teenage girl. I had a best friend, okay a totally gorgeous best friend, Declan. A loving family and a decent job at the local diner down the street.
I remember the day I got the opportunity to meet Harry, Declan and I were sitting outside on a beautiful spring afternoon. The wind was blowing and the sun was shining. Declan had his almond hair spiked at the top an had on his usual polo with jeans. Back then I thought I was in love with him, but that was then. Now I couldn't even picture myself talking to him again, I'll get to that later though. Like I was saying, I had just gotten home from practice do I had on my tennis uniform. The neighborhood was quite like normal and Declan was walking me home. I could tell he had a surprise for me, he just had that look on his face. If I could see behind his RayBans I definitely would have been sure of it. When we finally it to my house he pulled me to the side, "happy birthday Rosalinda I looked at him mischievously and took the envelope. It was a cream color with his messy hand writing on it. I remember how excited I was opening it, especially when I saw the 2 One Direction VIP passes. I pulled him into to biggest hug I could manage, "Decky!!!" I was screaming, " you shouldn't have!!" he laughed at me and my fangirling. "the catch is, I get to go, I know I hate them but I want to make sure you don't kill anyone." I gave him a glare he smiled, I was still hugging him. I let go awkwardly, "sorry Decky you know how excited I can get," he smiled taking off his RayBans, "I know that's why I got back stage passes!" he started jumping, "oh my god I'm gonna see One Direction! Look at me I'm Rosalinda!!"I hit him hard on the arm. I used to love looking into those gorgeous brown eyes, I probably still would, but I doubt it. He pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek, "I'll protect you in the big city." I watched him walk away, putting my hand on my cheek. I can still feel where he kissed me, it's just the guy I'm with now can kiss me better.

Later that night----------

I walked through the entry door to my bathroom to get ready the night of the concert expecting the best. I had on my favorite pair of black skinny jeans and the nicest blouse I could manage to find. It was cream with a floral design, the color of the flowers were tinted but it made the outfit have a kind of vintage tint. I curled my hair and threw on some blush. I never really believed in pounding on the makeup , still don't. I remember my heart beating, no, smashing against my chest from the anticipation. I heard Declan pull up in his dads 1995 Ford Mustang. I grabbed my purse off of my side table and fled down the stairs. I found my father greeting Declan at the front door. They were talking to each other, which wasn't unusual, my father has always gotten along with Declan. I remember the embarrassment that courses through me when both of them turned around with their mouths agape. My mother ran out and hugged me, she had a package in her hand, the glittery blue bow patiently waiting to be torn off of the silver wrapping paper. I yanked on the paper revealing a digital camera. I was so thrilled, I pulled my mom into a huge hug and gave my father a kiss. Declan ha on a plain black v-neck tee, with a pair of off colored jeans. He grabbed my arm and led me to the car. He started to open the door for me but I got in his way, causing him to collide into me. My heart race quickened. He pushed back a strand of my hair that was blown into my face by the wind, he looked at me with those blazing eyes full of adventure and excitement, he kissed my jawline and I froze. I was completely hypnotized by his touch the feeling of his warm lips against my cool skin created goose bumps. He moved to my lips and just stood there for a moment then pulled back, "You should get in the ugh, car. We don't want to be late" I was full of disappointment, but something about him didn't feel right. Something told me I couldn't be happy no matter what I tried, but back then I told myself that I had to ignore that feeling, because for the longest time, I thought I loved Declan.
~*~*~*~*At the Concert*~*~*~*~*~*~

Fans were screaming and squealing at the top of their lungs. Declan was glued firmly by my side the entire time, constantly getting shoved by overwhelmed fans. Everything was fantastic. The seats were only 5 rows away from the stage, so I got a pretty good view. I heard somebody scream, this scream was blood curdling. I turned around to see a girl smash me with her chair. I felt the impact but not when I collided into the pavement. Harry stopped his solo and stared at the now empty hole around me and the girl holding the metal chair. I looked at the stage, the boys were frozen from the horror, the last thing I heard was a microphone shattering against the stage.

I never saw the punch coming. I turned around to see my attacker but it was to late. Her fist hit my face and my skul bashed against the cement with a thud. I was instantly surrounded by screams and darkness. I couldn't talk, or move. I was unconscious, but I could still hear everything around me. Declan was fighting with a guard, and the girl was threatening to kill me. I remember feeling someone's hands picking me up. After a few more minutes I fell into complete silence. I was swimming in emptiness. I don't know how long I was out, it could have been hours before I finally rolled off of the black leather couch. My eyes strained from the lights an I struggled to stand up and maintain balance. I felt somebody grab me and I screamed. His voice was deep and he had somebody help him to get me calm. I blinked rapidly so I could somewhat see who was in front of me. I could barely make out his features. Dark curly hair, I think I was looking at a dimple, and he had big hands. I turned around to the person on my left still putting a firm hand on my shoulder, his hair was shorter and blonde. I remember my heart pounding against my rib cage threatening to break through. I was so afraid of what was going to happen to me, I started to react on impulse. I stood up and bolted for the door, instantly another man blocked my way. He stuck out one hand and pressed the other firmly against the door. "Woah, Calm down love!" I started to rub my eyes because my vision was still like looking through a piece of dirty glass.
I remember being grabbed and spun around, I heard someone screaming, "She's alive! Oh thank god!" I clenched my eyes shut and yelled at the top of my lungs. I was petrified. Then my vision started to clean up. I looked around the small room. It was covered with mirrors and clothes and empty soda bottles. I looked up at the person that was still holding my arm. His brown eyes looked confused, I stumbled to get on my feet, Zayn helped me up. I remember looking around that room and seeing all of the boys staring at me. I started to panic, "Hey, umm, you're scaring us." Liam said trying not hurt my feelings, he walked over and rubbed my back. "Where is Declan?" I had completely forgotten him. "He is home we are gonna give you a ride later on tonight." Louis said. I remember sitting back down on the couch. My head was throbbing. Harry came and nudged next to me and nudged my head on his shoulder. "Can we at least know your name beautiful?" he said rubbing my shoulder. My heart was in my throat, "I'm Rose"
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