The Shadows are invading Earth, spreading their poison across the land. The time has come. The Moon must choose a priestess to try and save the Earth, and their home.


1. The Vision

           All of us; the Moon Children; sit at the foot of Lleuad, our Chief Priestess. She is immortal, as long as the Moon lives. She is the Moon's soul. In the front row is the Moon Council, ten of them. The Elders, five Moon men, and five Moon women. Behind them, we sit. I am at the back, the lowest of the low. The youngest priestess, or priestess in-training. I crane over the heads in front of me, trying to catch a glimpse of the Earth's silhouette outside the large circular window that gazed out over the whole outer space. Stars glittered in the midnight colored sky, and reflected in my large blue eyes. 

        "You are all here for a very important and grave mission that is life threatening to us all." 

        Those dark words tore me from my dream like trance, making me turn to stare in surprise at Lleuad. Life threatening to us all? The Moon too?

         I imagined the Moon shattering, splintered bits like chips of wood floating throughout the never ending abyss of space. I shuddered.

         "I had a vision, and the Shadows are back."

         A couple of us gasped. The Shadows lived on the dark side of the Moon. They were thought to have disappeared a long time ago, minus the few tales the Elders and Lleuad had, there was no more trace of them.

         "They on not on the Moon this time, but are attempting to take over Earth." Lleuad gestured out the huge gaping window, to the pale green and blue planet looking so peaceful, white clouds covering up some bits. I looked at Earth in jealousy. The beautiful colors, the thing the Moon always has lacked.

          "And after Earth, they will conquer the Moon, taking Her for their own."

          Murmurs of discontent flitted throughout the group.

          "And a child," Lleuad said very quietly, "Appeared in my vision. The one and only one who can save both the Earth and Moon." 

           "Come up. Aderyn."

              The name echoed in my ears. My name.

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