One Direction Vacation

This is the sequel of Lost brother the story goes longer and I hope you like it


2. See Ya!!

Darcy's POV
"Okay Lili lets go to the airport" I said

"we're gonna miss you especially Franz" Harry said

"Okay we get it Harry you like Franz" Gemma said

"Okay guys lego" Zayn said

(skip car ride there)

"Bye guys remember call, text and skype us everyday" Gemma said

"Okay guys we'll miss you and we'll do everything you said and remember Darcy no boyfriends " Louis said

"Ya Lou I promise" I said

"Bye!!" we all said

They left us. Gosh I kinda miss them already. Then my phone rang it was from my housemate Thomas but I call him Tom for short

"Hey Darcy we're gonna go to the beach you girls wanna come?" he said

"Sure we've love too pick us up at around 1pm" I texted back

"Perfect see you later" he texted

"Hey guys we're going to the beach later Tom will pick us up at 1pm ok?!?"

"Yes the beach!!" Franz said

"Remember Darcy you have a boyfriend LOUIS, LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!"

"Ya I know he's just a friend anyway" I said

"Okay guys lets get ready" Franz said
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