One Direction Vacation

This is the sequel of Lost brother the story goes longer and I hope you like it


9. Robin

Darcy's POV
The very next day I woke up to the smell of pancakes, Lou made me breakfast on bed

"Aww Lou you shouldnt have" I said

"Its a thank you for saving my life and plus I cant cook so Harry helped me hehe" He answered

I took a bite of the pancake, I chewed it slowly making him annoyed

"Well what do you think?" He asked me

"Well I just want to tell you that these pancakes are SO FLUDGING AWESOME!!!!" I said


I love Lou he's random, funny and sweet he's just awesome

"You two lovebirds better get down here" Franz shouted

"coming" I yelled back

When I went down I saw a man next to my mom. Then Harry walked over to me he looked like he just woke up

"Who's the guy" Harry wispered to my ear

"I have no idea" I wispered back

"Okay guys this is my fiance Robin we're getting married" Mum said

"Aww congrats mum" Gemma said

Harry and I looked at each other with aweird look then we looked over to mum.

"ok guys I know what your thinking so you kids get to spend your day with me and Robin" Mum said

"Sure mum but can our friends stay" I asked

"I dont know" mum answered

"please mum with carrots on top" Harry asked

"Fine" mum answered

Then Robin kissed mum on the lips.

"eww" I said

"Dont go 'eww' on me I dont say that when you kiss Louis" mum said

"okay mum" I said

We went to the living room to 'spend time with Robin'

"So tell me about youselves" Robin asked

"Well this is Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn their a part of the band One Direction" I answered

"Yeah What Makes You Beautiful right?" Robin answered

"Ya that true" Harry answered

"My daughter loves you she has pictures of you on her wall" Robin answered

"Whats her name?" Liam asked

"her name is Sarah I think she's in love with Harry" Robin said

I looked over to Franz I could see she was a bit mad I gigled a bit

"So Darcy tell me about yourself?" Robin asked

"Well I just found out last year that Im a part if the Styles family but before that I was kidnapped by my own biological father when I was still a baby, then he came back for me thats when I found out Im in the Styles family I locked myself in a room for about two weeks then Louis helped me to realize that people loved me then now he's my boyfriend." I answered him straight forward

"Oh okay" Robin answered

"So who's hungry" Robin asked

"Meee" Niall said

"Do mind if we just go to Nandos" Robin said

"We dont lets go" Niall answered

(skip car ride there)

He ordered us food somehow he knew everything about us. Mum must have told him all about us, he's a good listener, but Im still not going easy on him

"So how would you describe your biological father?" Robin asked

"Sicko" Harry answered

"Lunatic" I answered too

"pshysopat-" Gemma cut Harry off before he could finish

"he's just the worst father ever" Gemma answered

"Oh but guys I could promise you that I would love you with allmy heart, hmph I know thats a weird thing to say but I mean that" Robin said

Me and Harry looked at each other then we breath loudly. After lunh Harry pulled me to the side

"Do you really trust the guy?" Harry asked

"I do he's a good listener and he makes mum happy so yeah I do trust him" I said

"Yeah I kinda do too" Harry said

So it was final we did trust him I just hope he makes mum happy
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