One Direction Vacation

This is the sequel of Lost brother the story goes longer and I hope you like it


10. Mum's Wedding

Darcy's POV
I learned to like Robin more, he makes mum happy.

"Darcy ive been meaning to ask you do you think me and Robin should get married?" Mum asked me

"Of course mum he makes you happy" Gemma answered

"Well I learned to love him as a father but I wont change my lastname yet" I said

"should I have it on July 23" Mum asked

"Of course mum!!" Harry answered

"Well me and Darcy will be your wedding planers" Gemma said

"Really guys?" Mum asked

"Mum if he makes you happy you should marry him" I said

"Well ok I leave all the arangements to you guys" Mum said

We filled up a paper

Wedding Arangements:
Music: One Direction
Ring Bearer: Max (Franz's younger brother)
Flower Girls: Phobe and Daisy (Louis' Younger sisters)
Flowers: White Roses
Cake: Homemade Darcy and Harry's cooking
Dress: Nina Ricci

Somehow it was finnished. Even the invitations were ready they're really cute. Then the day came Im really happy for my mum she looked really pretty in the dress. One Direction was awesome too it was going all acording to plan then someone unexpected came it was Des my biological father. He came with backup this time he fired his gun once he pointed at it at Robin

"Anne I can see you moved on" he said

"WHY ARE YOU HERE" my mum screamed

"Cant I see my wife's new husband" He said

He loaded the gun before he shot I got on of the vases removed the flowers and threw it at his head his backup pointed his gun at me

"Bad move kiddo" the backup said

He loaded the gun but before that

"STOP NOT YET!" My Father said

"Hello Darcy how are you" he said with a evil smirk on his face

"What do you want" I asked him

"still sassy I see" Father said

He shot me in the leg. Pain poured out of me

"Okay then I just all want you too know your all hostaged" His backup said

"You dont say" Harry said
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