One Direction Vacation

This is the sequel of Lost brother the story goes longer and I hope you like it


13. Help Us!

Gemma's POV
We're next that scared me. He went over to me then he punched me hard at the stomach. It hurt but the pain went away. I think slow and painful death means torture when he went away I was filled with bruises my body hurt everywhere.

"Gemma what do you think happened to Darcy?" Harry asked with a worried voice

"I dont know, Harry can we try yelling HELP!!" I said

"Sounds like a plan Gem" Harry

Darcy's POV
We are at the woods, we found the place it seemed abandoned

"Darcy no one here" Zayn said

"I guess I was wrong, sorry guys" I said

Before we went home, we heard yells like Help Us!!! There is someone here we raced to the building. We saw rooms and we heard a man yell we are assuming that it was my step dad Robin. We stepped in no one was there so we grabbed my step dad and Mum was gonna stay with him in the car. We were looking for Harry and Gemma. I heard a scream it was a girl it was Gemma!!!. We walked in Des and his backup was there. We went inside we beat the life out of them but Des pointed his gun at me he loaded it he shot he died right after it but it didnt hit me it hit Louis he got shot in the chest

"Darcy remember I love you" Louis said he blacked out after

"NO LOUIS DONT LEAVE ME!!!" I screamed

My heart stopped I called the others for help. All I didnt know his backup was still alive. He pointed the gun at me and shot it

"Jackpot!!" He said

it hit my back I blacked out
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