One Direction Vacation

This is the sequel of Lost brother the story goes longer and I hope you like it


14. Dead?!?

Louis' POV
I think I was shot in the heart but I wasnt dead yet. I know that Im in a hospital, I know the smell of hospitals. I want to know what happened to Darcy, at least Des is dead so is his backup.

"Louis wasnt hit in the heart luckily" A man said

A man that could be a doctor

"Is he going to be alright" A guy said with a irish accent

Irish accent its Niall

"I hope Darcy would wake when Louis also wakes up" a girl said

Of course it wasnt Gemma she was in a another room getting healed with Harry, It wasnt Anne her voice is to young it must be Franz, but wait ALSO WAKES UP do you mean she collapsed. What does it mean?!?

"Ya I do hope Darcy has more severe injuries than Louis!" A guy said

His accent was a mix of all our accents Liam it must be Liam!! I try to wake up then I was sucessful

"Louis!!" Zayn Almost yelled

"How are-" I cut Franz off before she could finish

"What do you mean more severe injuries than I do" I asked worriedly

"Lou it means, Darcy was shot at the back her biological father's back up shot him" Liam said

Tears were escaping my eyes. Later the doctor came in for my check up, he told me too rest (Like I would listen) then he let me go

"What's Darcy's room number" I asked

"Its room 232" Harry and Gemma said in unison

they looked like they were in a wrestling match because of all the bruises. We raced to Darcy's room she was there lying unconcious

"theres a chance that her heart would fail or she would never wake up" The nurse said

Theres a chance that I would never see my girlfriend anymore.

But a few minutes later. Darcy had no pulse she was dead tears were escaping all our eyes

"No Darcy wake up baby girl" Her mum said

"Wake up Darcy please dont leave us" Harry said while crying

"Wake up honey come on" Gemma said

A few seconds later Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie walked in

"Darcy!!!" Eleanor yelled

"Darcy your too young to die" Dannielle said while crying

"Wake up Darcy ill do anything to make you wake up" Perrie yelled

Robin and Franz just stayed speechless they didnt know what to say. El hit the wall and and hit her back and slid down crying

"Darcy its me Louis wake up honey" I said

"Darcy please remember that we all love you" we all said in unison

There was a sound on the monitor her heart was beating again we all cheered when it happened DARCY IS ALIVE!!!

Darcy's POV
I was shot at the back. I was really tired all I could hear was "Darcy wake up" I tried and tried then I felt my heart literally stop I was too tired. But then I heard "Darcy its me Louis wake up honey" followed by "Darcy please remember that we all love you" that made me try to wake up again, even though I did not suceed I heard them all cheer. I try waking up one more time and I was sucessful.

"Darcy you scared the life out off us" I heard Franz say

"We're all happy your alive" Perrie said while hugging me

They called the doctor for a check up on me. After I was free to go
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