One Direction Vacation

This is the sequel of Lost brother the story goes longer and I hope you like it


8. Comfortable Night

Darcy's POV
We got home at around 2am in the morning I asked Harry to carry me but Louis said

"Darcy I owe you big time so I should be the one to carry you love"

"sure Lou" I answered

"So Franz can I be the one to carry you?" Harry asked in a flirty tone

"Sure Hazza" Franz answered

They both carried us bridal style. My mom came in

"Where have you been what happened"

"Mom can we please talk about it tomorrow we're SUPER tired" Gemma said

"Sure guys get some sleep" Mom answered

Louis carried me to my room, I didnt let go of him so he slept in my room I felt really comfortable cause I slept in his arms and my head on his chest it was the most comfortable night ever
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