One Direction Vacation

This is the sequel of Lost brother the story goes longer and I hope you like it


7. Awake

Gemma's POV
Were in the hospital right now I could see the boys were all awake even Louis he is lucky Darcy put alot of preasure on his wound so he didnt lose alot of blood

"Gemma wheres Darcy" Louis asked

"She's still unconcious" I said

"But why?" He asked

"Lou when she was applying preasure on your wound a rock cut her skin she was bleeding, she didnt care about it at all she just wanted you to live" I said

"WHAT" Harry exclaimed

"Louis your a lucky man you got a girlfriend that will risk her life just to save yours" Niall said

"Well can we at least see her" Liam asked

"Sure we could" I said

When we got there the nurse came up to us and said

"Darcy is awake now so you may talk to her"

"Thank you" Harry said

We walked in our housemates were all there

"Guys your awake how are you" Darcy asked us

"Were fine but how are you?" Louis said

"Well the doctor said if I go home I have to rest so my body can make more blood i cleary lost alot"
Darcy said

"Thank you Darcy for saving my life your the best girlfriend a boy could ever ask for" Louis said

"Anytime Lou and your the sweetest boyfriend ever" Darcy answered back

Ok things were going normal until the police came in he said that the driver was shot in the head thats why the bus fell. He said that the person who shot the driver was a sniper. who could ever do this?
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