One Direction Vacation

This is the sequel of Lost brother the story goes longer and I hope you like it


6. Accident

Louis' POV
We are in our tour bus right now. Since we've decided to come back to London for our vacation. I switched on our TV then it was an interview of Gemma and Dracy she said that she is really in love with me, she is keeping her promise,then the bus fell you of a cliff its because its raining. We fell on rocks. A rock hit me in the stomach then I blacked out

Darcy's POV
We were heading home then we saw a bus I told Tom to stop. He said it was raining but I didnt really listen. I went to the cliff I could see it was the One Direction tour bus. I called everyone to help me. I fell from the steep cliff I could see the rock cut my skin I was bleeding. I went to the bus I saw Louis bleeding, Harry, Paul, Zayn, Liam and Niall unconcious. I called everone to help me and then I asked Gemma to call an ambulance. I was applying preasure on Louis' wound on his stomach while the others were trying to wake them up. Mara came up to me to help Mara is also my housemate. She helped me with Lou's wound

"Darcy your wounded!" Mara said

"I dont care help me save my boyfriend!" I exclamied

Later the ambulance came I lost alot of blood. I fainted.

Tom's POV
I saw Darcy unconcious I carried her onto the ambulance

"Darcy, honey wake up!" Gemma said

We arrived to the hospital. All of them were still unconcious
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