Why try as a lover when your a hater

When Jodie finds out about 1d being famous, she wants no other but fame. She really disapproves of 1d so tries both dreams as 1. Fame and 2 ruin 1d's career


1. Blue prints

"sinade, you listern now, I'm gonna ruin 1d's career!" 'mwhaaaaa' "Jodie your phone is going off!" "o, do you like my ringtone?" "yeah totally, Jodie pick up the phone!!!" Jodie had a log chat in privacy on the phone and sinade had high nerves that it might be someone talking about this big plan to kill off 1d. The thing that scared her the most was the fact that zayn was her brother!
The call ended and Jodie walked with a devious smirk on her face "well who was it?" sinade spilled in shivers. "o, only the clown for Friday!!" a sigh of relief came from sinade and she left the room in tears.
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