My Voice

Summer holidays, down the beach, watching the sunset, all with that one special voice...



This summer I met a voice. A special voice outside my head. Almost human to the point that I fell in love with this voice. It didn't take long to get to get to know it, but it didn't take long to truly miss it when it was gone. This one special voice steers me in the right direction, keeps me from falling over the edge of insanity. In this short time I have know and listened to this voice, my heart has grown to love it as much as humanly possible, without scaring it away.


I'd like to think this voice loves me back, as much as I love it, but as of previous disasters, I am too scared to find out, in case I get hurt by a voice. I would love to able to call this voice my own to the whole world, but at the moment I will stick to the 'special voice' or 'summer paradise', but even then those words are only on paper, hidden away from everyone. I cannot express my feelings as I do not know how exactly, but I know one thing. I love this summer voice and miss it terribly when it's gone.

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