All About Him- Niall Horan FanFic

Gisselle is a normal girl with your ordinary teenage problems, she plays sports, has friends, and crushes on the senior basketball champ. Unlike most girls at her school she adores One Direction, she dreamt about meeting them in person and hugging Niall Horan, but she never thought she'd get the chance. That is, until her horrifying accident at the soccer match. Now she has to deal with annoying fans pestering parents and a big boyfriend.


1. The Incident

The last thing I remember doing before the blackout was playing soccer. I remember fleeing for the goal so my friend Ella could pass the ball to me and I could score. The thing I remember most was the impact from the referee. He collided into me throwing me back 10 feet into the metal goal. After that everything was dark. I could hear people screaming, the referee shaking me telling me to stay with him, over everything I heard my mom shrieking like a phyco killer. After about 3 minutes I was out cold swimming in an endless pool of darkness. 
When I finally started seeing again I was in an all white room with an IV attached to my wrist. My mother was by my side crying and the referee was standing in the corner staring out of the window. 
"Giselle!? Oh lord how do you feel?" her voice was worried and wavered. She was panicking but at the same time relieved. I laughed a little spite my best efforts to stay still do the migrane wouldn't make me cringe, "I got a headache but I'll be fine" I paused and looked at the referee, " what happened?"
He walked over and bowed his head, " there was something coming and it was going to hurt you, but I guess I managed to do that myself, didn't I?"
I grabbed his hand his soft grey eyes looking at me with shame and pity hidden behind them. "Thank you for saving me." I showed a soft smileto the old man, it wasn't his fault. He handed me an envelope, it was folded in half and a little wrinkled. "I bought this for you yesterday after the incident. I hope you like it." with that tears fell down his soft wrinkled face and he left leaving me with nothing but guilt for not trying to help him feel less guilty. I looked at the baby blue envelope and opened it, inside lay the objects that changed my life. I shrieked. I was going to a One Direction concert in 3 days.
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