All because of a contest

When Bella enters a One Direction fan fiction contest she doesn't expect to win. But she does and One Direction comes to her house. Her and Niall start secretly dating and Liam starts to fall for her. What he doesn't know is that she is taken. Will she break his heart?


1. Winning

I sat down on the couch with my I phone in hand and a bowl of chips beside me. I shoved some in my mouth and played games on my phone. I sat there for a few minutes and the doorbell rang. I opened it and One Direction was standing on my porch. I didn't have a huge meltdown or anything, I just stood there. I backed up and they came in and shut the door. "Congraulations you won the fan fiction completion!" They chorused. Niall stared at me with his beautiful blue eyes. I fiddled with my Caramel coloured hair nervously. They each handed me a signed photo. My annoying little sister's dig came running downstairs and whipped a frisbee at me with it's mouth. It hit my head and I fainted.

When I woke up I was on the couch and Niall was standing over me. He helped me up and asked me, " Bella will you go out with me?" " Ya." Was my response. The other boys came in and said they had to leave. I nodded and the four of them left. Niall was aloud to stay. He took me to the closet Nandos and we had lunch. It was very nice. "You get to come with us for awhile." Niall told me. I nodded cause I already knew that. He led me to their bus. So now it was official me and Niall were a couple after our first date. But no one but us knew that. When we came back Liam led me to and empty room. "Will you go out with me Bella?" He asked.
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