All because of a contest

When Bella enters a One Direction fan fiction contest she doesn't expect to win. But she does and One Direction comes to her house. Her and Niall start secretly dating and Liam starts to fall for her. What he doesn't know is that she is taken. Will she break his heart?


2. Really!?

What do I say. I don't want to break his heart but Im dating Niall! "Mmm..." I said. "Yay! Thanks!" He said and skirt the room. I sighed heavily and walked out slowly. Liam dragged me out of the bus to his car. He put me in and drove to a small resturaunt. "Liam.." He nodded for mr to continue. "Umm... Well I kinda can't go out with you. Like you are nice but I can't. I'm dating Nuall. Sorry." I said and hopped out of the car because we were parked. I ran back toctheir tour bus and barged in. A few minutes later Liam came in. He shoved Niall against the wall and pinned him there. Hr shoved him against the opposite wall and stormed to his room. I ran over to Niall and he was unconscious. "I quit." Liam said and walked out of the bus. Niall had a huge bruise over his eye and his arms were twisted at odd angles. "We are on Sedar street and need an ambulance NOW." Harry said into the phone and hung up. One came and loaded Niall in. I was allowed to stay with him. We got there and I followed them to a room. The examined him and said he would wake up soon his bruise would go away but he might have lost use to an arm. "What the..." Niall said. I doctor cane in and put a cast on one arm. I had to leave and Harry cane to pick me up. He dropped me off at my house. "We will pick you up tommorow at 11:00. Pack a suitcase for a few months." He said. I went inside changed and fell asleep dreaming about the good/horrible day.
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