All because of a contest

When Bella enters a One Direction fan fiction contest she doesn't expect to win. But she does and One Direction comes to her house. Her and Niall start secretly dating and Liam starts to fall for her. What he doesn't know is that she is taken. Will she break his heart?


3. Free?

Niall was allowed out of the hospital but one arm was in a sling. He took me to a meadow surrounded by forest. I layed in the grass and he wandered around. He came back and sat down beside me. I sat up. He handed me a punk rose that was withering slightly. I tucked it behind my ear. My phone buzzed and I put it to my ear. "Hello? Is this Bella?" A voice said. "Yes." I answered. "Come to City Block fifteen minutes." The voice said and hung up. I stood up and Niall followed. There was a text on my phone from a blocked number. It said 'Come alone' " Wait here I will be back soon." I said to Niall. He nodded and sat down. I took a taxi to City block and texted the blocked number. 'I am here.' I texted. I waited for ten minutes but there was no answer.

Niall's point of view
I waited for Bella. All of the sudden an arm snatched me up from the ground. They tied my hands together and my legs to. They blindfolded me and stuffed something in my mouth. They carried me away and I was slammed into a small space. We started moving and moving. We were still moving when an arm snatched my phone from my back pocket. I heard it bang against a wall. We stopesmovi g and someone shoved me out of the thing witch I guessed was a car. They pulled my blindfold roughly off my eyes. There was a man and a girl standing I front of me. The girl grabbed my feet and dragged me against the rough ground as she walked. My face was now covered in dirt and my sling was long gone. They shoved me in a small hole and closed the opening with a big rock. I was there for maybe twenty minutes when they came back and dragged me out. They shoved me back in the van and put the bli drinks back on me. They tried everything really tight. They took me out again and shoved me in to a hard bin. I felt them close the lid and pick up the bin. The blindfold slid off me a little and I saw through a tiny hole in the bin Bella standing beside me. We kept moving and she was gone. Awhile later they chucked the bin into a dirty completely empty room. They dumped me out and left. The door opened a while later and someone came in. They pulled the thing out of my mouth and put a plate of food and dish of water in front of me like I was a dog. I ate the food a gulped down the water and they stuffed the a cloth back into my mouth. I shoved my foot in the doorway when they left and slid out on my stomach. I rolled down some stairs and right into the man.
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