All because of a contest

When Bella enters a One Direction fan fiction contest she doesn't expect to win. But she does and One Direction comes to her house. Her and Niall start secretly dating and Liam starts to fall for her. What he doesn't know is that she is taken. Will she break his heart?


4. Escaping

Niall's point of view. The man must not have been thinking cause he put me on the porch. I fiddled with the strings on my wrist and got them undone. I pulled off the ones on my ankles and ran full out to City block. U saw a flash of caramel hair and ran towards it. I grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. She hugged me and looked at my wrists. "K when you left people kidnapped me and tied me up and then they put me in a bin and brought me to a house and I escaped. It was the bin that went right past you." I blurted.

Bella's point of view. I showed a picture on my phone of two people carrying a bin. We walked back home and I printed it in colour. We drove to the police center. We showed them the picture. They took it and thanked us. I brought Niall to my house and went downstairs to order Nandos.

(Sorry for the short chapter I wanna fast forward a bit so I'm ending it here)
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