Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


69. chapter 68


Camille started crying while I was singing for her. She knew how much she meant to me. She was like my sister. The sister I never had.

She hugged me when I finished the song and then she walked back down of the stage with me. I had to change into something different. Austin was singing one of his songs for them while I was changing in to something different. It was time for me to go on stage with Peyton. We had a couple of songs that we could sing/rap together.

Peyton and I did three songs together before leaving the stage. Then Dylan went up there and did a few songs. The whole show was great. We ended up singing a song together but it wasn’t the one we had done together in the beginning.

When the concert finished everyone wanted to meet me and the other so we had to sneak out in the back but I couldn’t help waving to all of the lovely raffies that stood there.

The others shows I did in Denmark was great to. It was the night of the show in Copenhagen I had been most excited about. It was my last show. Both Miley and Demi was there. They were there to support me but what the crowd didn’t know was that we had taken them all the way to Denmark. The concert was sold out. Everything had to be perfect. There were 2000 people there ready to see me.

Demi: Hey beautiful.

Allie: hey.

Demi: are you ready?

Allie: yeah… just a bit nervous. It’s a lot of people.

Demi: I know but I also know that you can do it.

Allie: I guess.

Austin walked up to me while I was speaking.

Austin: can we speak for a moment?

Allie: sure?

We walked outside where there was a basket court.

Allie: what do you wanna talk about?

Austin: I just wanted to wish you good luck and please take my hand on that stage tonight, because we’re doing this together as brother and sister.

Allie: I know. I will.

He hugged me and held me tight into him. Something was wrong. It wasn’t a secret.

Allie: Austin?

Austin: yeah?

Allie: tell me what’s going on?

Austin: it doesn’t matter.

Allie: Austin, tell me the truth or I’ll cancel the show.

Austin: what about your fans?

Allie: you’re more important than them. I know they got me to where I am but you’re my world! Austin you’re my best friend and I’m giving up everything for you.

Austin: really?

Allie: yeah…

Austin: Allie I’m sorry.

Allie: sorry about what?

Austin: I still have feelings for you. I can’t help it. I love you, and I love you with all of my heart.

Allie: what?

Austin: I’m sorry.

Allie: and you wanted to tell me this because?

Austin: Because I don’t wanna hide what I feel. I know you love me too.

Allie: Yes I did have some feelings for you Austin but I don’t have them anymore. It’s almost a month ago and I’ve been focused on what I’m doing here. I’m working with this music and this last show on my first tour. I just wanna live from this, and then be with someone that cares about me but I don’t wanna break up with Peyton just because you decided to tell me something like this.

I got up from the ground where I was sitting and walked back in. I didn’t want to speak with him right now.

Austin ran after me and stopped me just on the other side of the door.

Austin: why are you doing this?

Allie: doing what?

Austin: running away whenever someone’s telling you how they feel about you?

Allie: Because I can’t handle it inside of my head okay? I don’t want people to care about me like that. I’m not good enough for that.

Austin: what that’s supposed to mean?

At the same time Barry came over and dragged me into the makeup. I had to get ready because I had 10 minutes left before I was going on stage.

When I had been on the stage for a while, Austin and I was going to do a song together.

Allie: This song… is a song that has made me smile so many times. It’s a song by a guy you all know. One of my friends sang it with him back in 2010 when he was performing in MSG. This is overboard.

It feels like we’ve been out at sea

So back and forth that’s how it seems

Whoa and when I want to talk

You say to me

That if its meant to be, it will be

So crazy is this thing we call love

The love that we got that we just can’t give up

I’m reaching out for you tell me

Out here in the water and I

I’m overboard and I need your love

Pull me up

I can’t swim on my own

It’s too much

Feels like I’m drowning without your love

So throw yourself out to me

My life saver




Life saver

Of life saver

My life saver

Ife saver

Oh life saver oh wow

Never understand you when you say

Wanting me to meet you half way

Felt like I was doing my part

Get bringing your coming up short Funny how these things change

Cause now I see.


The crowd was insane when Austin walked out on the stage. It was amazing to perform when people were like that. They were my true family, I knew that when I was standing there.

I couldn’t wait to give them the next surprise. Austin went down from the stage after I had hugged him in front of everyone.

Allie: Everyone give it up for my bro Austin Mahone.

The people were going crazy.

Allie: Now as you know the past couple of weeks has been really surreal for me an I’ve told everyone on all the other concerts that they had to come to this show too because I would bring you guys a huge surprise. Well actually I got a surprise when I got here because there’s more than one surprise. This song is a song that I wrote when I got home from the states the first time. It’s my first single.

Allie: If only you knew you’ve done something to me that I have never felt before

Miley: A picture of you or just the sound of your name is enough to get me flying

People were screaming when they heard and saw Miley. It was so much fun and I smiled all over the face, because for the first time. My fans saw me with one of my biggest inspirations.

Miley: Hey everyone! How are you guys doing tonight?!

Both: You’ve touched something deep inside of me But you’re so far away

Allie: You gave me my voice to speak you gave me air to breathe but now that you’re far away I feel so incomplete

Allie: You’re my world My chance of breathing

Miley: you keep me grounded even when I’m flying in the skies you’re the one who make me feel like I’m the one

Both: now that we’re far away I miss you more than ever I just wanna get back in your arms it’s where I find myself and everything that I need.

Miley: You gave me my voice to speak you gave me air to breathe but now that you’re far away I feel so incomplete

Both: You’re my hero and everything that I want and need You’re the one that make me complete you’re my whole heart which you will never get to fall apart.

Allie: Fall apart.

I saw some of my fans crying in the front row and that actually made me cry. They were so beautiful.

Allie: You all look beautiful tonight. Everyone it’s a pleasure for me to introduce you all to my friend Miley Cyrus.

People were screaming and I saw someone that was about to climb up on the stage but they were stopped by the security.

Miley went down from the stage and I looked out on the crowd.

Allie: it’s a shame that there has to be security here. I would love to have you all up here instead of just having you all spread all over the room. Everyone please follow the rules it’s for your own safety. This next song is one of the last songs that I’m going to sing. It’s called Make a wave.

The music went on and I started singing. Everyone knew the song because I had covered it once.

Allie: They say the beat of a butterfly’s wings; can set off a storm a world away

Demi: What if they're right and the smallest of things, can power the strongest hurricane

Allie: What if it all begins inside

Demi: We hold the key that turns the tide

Both: Just a pebble in the water

Demi: ooh, Can set the sea in motion, ooh

Both: A simple act of kindness

Demi: ohh

Allie: Can stir the widest ocean

Both: If we show a little love heaven knows what we could change oh yeah so throw a pebble in the water

Allie: Oh Yeah

Both: Make a wave

Demi : Make a wave

Allie: Make a wave, make a wave  

People went mental about this song and the fact that Demi was there. It was totally amazing to see. They didn’t know that I had been performing with her. Or some of them might have known but there weren’t a lot of people who knew about it.

This concert had been the best that I had done so far. What would be the next?

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