Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


67. chapter 66


I slept through most of the flight, so for me it didn’t feel like a long journey when Jake came out and told us that we were in Denmark.

Peyton: Allie, get up.

Allie: I’m awake. I’ve been for the past 20 minutes.

Peyton: oh….

I took my beanie off and put it back on and then looked at Peyton. He was still wearing short and a top.

Allie: You know it’s freezing over here in the middle of October right?

Peyton: yeah I’m going to change in the bathroom in a minute. I just wanted to make sure that you were up.

Allie: I am.

Everyone except Peyton had changed into jeans, t-shirts and shirts. I had had it one from the beginning. 

Jake: Are you okay Allie?

Allie: Yeah I just need to wake up.

Jake: oh… did you sleep through the whole flight?

Allie: naah only for the past 5 hours.

Jake: You must have needed it then.

Allie: I guess.

We stepped out of the plane as soon as it was possible. It was dark when we stepped out and it was windy and cold. I saw my mom standing by the car that was going to pick us up. I ran down the stairs and over to her.

Allie: mom!

Kate: hey hun. How was your flight?

Allie: I’ve been sleeping most of the time.

Kate: oh…

Allie: what time is it?

Kate: It’s 9pm already. It must have been a long day.

Allie: Naah. My brain is still on 3pm so I’m actually just getting hungry for some lunch.

Kate: We’ll get you something when we come home.

Allie: sure.

Kate: how many is going to the hotel and how many are staying with us?

The others came down to us just as she said it.

Peyton: I’m staying with you guys.

Jake: the others are going to the hotel with me.

Jake winked at me. He knew I wanted to be together with the other but alone time with Peyton was the best.

Camille: Actually I think Dylan and I are going home to my parents. They live nearby.

Jake: that’s up to you.

Austin looked at me with begging eyes.

Allie: Austin’s going with us too.

Austin: thanks Allie.

Kate: are you sure?

Allie: I’m sure. Beside it’s only for a week or something and we’re going on the tour Monday so I probably won’t be around him much. I have to practice a lot.

We drove back to my place. My mom had some dinner ready for all of us. It was about a half hour ride so it didn’t take long before we stopped in front of the small house that used to be my home. It was still my home. Most of my things were there.

Allie: Austin you should know that when you’re staying with me you’ve got to help me pack all of my stuff that I’ll have to take back to the states.

Austin: I know. I don’t mind. There are a lot of funny memories in there that I’d like to have refreshed.

Allie: like when we performed on my old school. That was pretty amazing.

Austin: yeah… still can’t believe you made it with a broken foot.

Allie: I’ve done a lot of amazing things through my life.

I looked at Peyton as I said that. He was looking down around my hip and changed the expression on his face.

Camille: you’re okay Peyton?

Peyton: yeah… It’s nothing.

We stopped outside Camille’s parent’s house at the same time. Dylan and her hugged us all and then they left. Afterwards we drove to my place. I wanted to get home. I was still tired and just wanted to get some rest.

I was looking out of the window. The rain had started.

Kate: are you okay hun?

Allie: mor? Jeg tror jeg er ved at blive syg, men jeg skal gennemføre de her koncerter. Jeg kan ikke svigte mine fans, og jeg kan slet ikke svigte Barry og Jake. (Mom? I think I’m getting sick but I have to do these concerts. I can’t let my fans down, and I really can’t let Barry and Jake down.)

Jake: what are you saying about me?

Allie: Nothing.

Jake: we’ve spoken about this before Allie.

Allie: I don’t care. I have the right to speak with my mom.

Kate: Allie calm down.

We stopped outside the house at the same time. I just took my handbag and went inside. I didn’t feel like speaking with people when they spoke to me like that. It sounded as if Jake accused me for saying something terrible about him and Barry. I would never do such thing. It would just be stupid because they’ve helped me so much already.

I went into my room without saying hi to my stepdad. When I opened the door I felt like crying… This wasn’t the room I left. All of my posters, pictures and everything I had on my wall had been taken down. 

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