Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


65. chapter 64


The party was about to end. Most had left already but there was one surprise left. Jake and Barry stood on the stage and thanked everybody for coming. The party was over but not for Camille, Dylan, Peyton, Austin, Alex, Robert, Zach, Tyler, Frankie and I. We went out into the limo that was parked outside of the door. Barry and Jake followed us. We drove around the town and I didn’t really know where we were going but everyone else seemed to know. We stopped outside a house. It wasn’t Peyton’s.

Allie: where are we?

Jake: you’ll see in a minute.

Everyone walked out of the limo and into up to the front of the house. There weren’t any names on the door or at the mailbox, that’s when I realized what it was.

Jake opened the door and walked into this beautiful, huge and light house.

Barry: Happy birthday Allie. This is your new home.

I had tears in my eyes. It was so beautiful and everything was in there. I didn’t have to buy anything for myself. I ran from room to room with everyone following me.

When we were back in the hall Jake and Barry stared at me for a while.

Jake: Do you like it?

Allie: Like it?! I love it! And I love you guys! Thank you so much!

I hugged both Jake and Barry. They both smiled.

Barry: I’m glad you like it. And you wanna know what the best thing is?

Allie: of course!

Barry: if you’re going to the right out of the door and walk about 2 miles up the street you can see the studio. It’s like 2.5 miles from here.

Allie: wow! And how far is it from Peyton?

Neither of them said anything. There were silent for a long time.

Allie: someone say something…

Peyton: Allie we’ve been thinking and talking and we don’t think you’re ready to live alone yet so until you’re happy to be here on your own I’m going to stay with you.

Allie: OMG you’re joking right?

Barry: he’s not. We spoke about it while you were out shopping with Tammy.

Allie: oh god…

I hugged Peyton while he kissed me on the cheek. I kept hugging him while we were speaking. All of us spoke for a while. The Barry and Jake left. They were getting the rest of my things because they couldn’t move all of my stuff before I knew about the house. At the same time my mom called me. It was like 3am in Denmark so I didn’t really believe that she would call me at this time.

Allie: Hey mom!

Kate: Hey beautiful! Happy birthday!

Allie: Tak mor! Det har været en vildt fed dag! Vidste du at jeg ville få et hus i fødselsdagsgave!? Det er jo sindssygt! OG OG OG!!! JEG SANG MED DEMI LOVATO PÅ SCENEN! MOR DET VAR SÅ FANTASTISK DU SKULLE HAVE VÆRET HER! (Thanks mom! It’s been a wild day! Did you know that I would get a house as a present?! It’s insane! AND AND AND! I SANG WITH DEMI LOVATO ON STAGE! MOM IT WAS AMAZING YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE!)

I spoke with my mom for a long time. When it was about 9.30pm Peyton walked out to me in the hall. Him and the others were sitting in the living room waiting for me to finish up. I hung up on my mom as soon as he came out to me.

Peyton: How’s she doing?

Allie: great. I’m kinda excited about going home. I miss Denmark but I think it’s because I’m not going to live there anymore. It’s weird thinking about it.

Peyton: I guess but I’m glad that I can be living with you. I hate being away from you.

Allie: me too.

At the same time Robert came out.

Robert: Allie? Can we talk?

Allie: sure.

I let go off Peyton who I had been hugging since he came out to me.

Robert and I walked out into the kitchen. I had to get some water.

Allie: what do you wanna talk about?

Robert: I just haven’t really spoken with you since Nashville and I think we got off kinda bad. I’m sorry about that.

Allie: I’m sorry Rob… I wasn’t really treating right back then but so many things have changed and I’ve actually not been thinking much about what happened because I barely know you to be honest. I know I love you as my friend and it’s not going to be more than that. I’m with Peyton and he owns my heart. He’s done all the time.

Robert looked down at the table.

Allie: Robert, please say something.

Robert: There’s nothing much to say.

Allie: What did you expect me to say? You know I’m with Peyton. It’s not to hurt you but it’s the truth. I thought you were over me.

Robert: I was but when I came all the feelings came back. It’s like every time I see you or listen to one of your songs my heart skips a beat. It’s like magic. You have a control over me that no one else has ever had.

Allie: I’m sorry Robert.

Robert: it’s not your fault. Austin told me he was feeling the same thing.

Allie: then it must be my fault. 3 guys like you can’t be in love with like that without me doing anything.

Robert: Look around and see how many loves Austin and how many girls who are feeling the way we do about you.

Allie: yeah you’re probably right but still… it’s mean. I mean I love you all but I’m in love with Peyton.

Robert: I know. I just thought you ought to know the truth.

Allie: I’m glad you told me. And I’m glad that I have a friend like you.

I hugged him and then we went into the living room where all the others were. 

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