Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


63. chapter 62


After we had finished our shopping we went back home. We had been away most of the afternoon and it was almost time to be picked up by the limo. When I stood in the bathroom and finished up my makeup and my hair, Peyton walked in. He looked like a million. He was wearing a tuxedo.

Allie: hey beautiful.

He looked at me and was speechless. I was wearing the blue dress and the necklace I had gotten from his mom.

Peyton: wow…

Allie: thanks.

Peyton: Allie you’re… wow…

Allie: he, he. I got the necklace from your mom, and I bought the dress myself. She asked me to find something nice that I could wear for the gala dinner.

Peyton: yeah… about that. Make sure that you take your party dress with you. We’re going to the party right after the dinner.

Allie: oh okay. I’ll just pack a bag to take with me.

Peyton: good.

I finished up and packed my bag. Just as I closed my bag Tammy asked us to come downstairs because Jake and Barry were there.

Tammy: Peyton! Allie! Jake and Barry are here.

Allie: coming!

We walked downstairs hand in and had a got a lot of pictures taken. It was going to be fun. Jake walked up to me and hugged me. He was a good man. Barry came over to me and shake my hand.

Barry: Happy birthday Allie. You look very beautiful.

Allie: thank you.

I smiled and walked out into the limo which was ready to take us somewhere.

The gala dinner wasn’t anything to talk about. There were so many people there but neither of them knew who I was or why I was there. The only one who knew was Miley but we barely saw each other there. The only time we really spoke was outside when she had to get some fresh air.

I followed her outside because I saw her. I was happy to see her. She had texted me earlier with a sweet message.

Allie: Miley?

Miley: yeah?

She turned around while seeming a bit annoyed but her face change when she saw me.

Miley: oh hey Allie! Happy birthday sweetie!

Allie: thanks!

She hugged me and looked at my dress. I knew it wasn’t as expensive as hers but I couldn’t effort a lot of things yet.

Miley: you look so beautiful.

Allie: thank you.

I smiled and we stood there and spoke for a while.

Allie: so are you coming to my party afterwards?

Miley: yeah I’m gonna stop by but I won’t stay long. I’m sorry.

Allie: it’s okay. Just the fact that you’re thinking about coming is enough for me.

Miley: aww that’s sweet.

I smiled and so did she.

Peyton walked out at the same time as I was just about to say something.

Peyton: babe? We’re leaving now…oh hey Miley.

Miley: hey.

Peyton; are you coming?

Allie: sure. Just give me a second.

I hugged Miley and then walked up to Peyton.

Allie: see you later Miles.

Miley: see you there sweetie.

We drove for about half an hour. I didn’t know where we were going but when we arrived at this big place I smiled all over my face. We walked into the hall, it was empty but I could hear music from the room next to me. I walked in but there weren’t anyone in there. I turned my bag to the room and looked at Peyton who was smiling.

Allie: what’s this?

Peyton: try turn around again.

I did and I saw all of my friends. Camille, Dylan, Austin, Alex, Robert and a lot of other people who were friends of Peyton and friends of Austin.

Allie: OMG.

I ran over to Robert and Alex who I hadn’t seen since Teen Hoot. I hugged both of them at the same time.

Robert: Happy birthday beautiful.

He kissed me on the cheek and held me close into him.

Allie: OMG…

I started crying. It was so overwhelming.

Afterwards I hugged Alex again who also kissed me on the cheek.

Alex: good to see you again.

Allie: OMG… Alex I’ve missed you!

When I had greeted everyone in the room except Austin, Jake walked up on the stage and started speaking.

Jake: Allie Raff. Where are you?

I walked out so Jake and everyone else could see me.

Jake: Happy birthday beautiful Allie! 17… It’s a rough age to go through but you’re a strong independent girl and I know you can do it. As you all might know Allie is signed, we signed her about 2 weeks ago and we’re going to do a lot of different things with her life. But as you also know Allie likes when things go after her head so of course this is challenging for everyone. First it was her first single which she did with Miley Cyrus. Allie wrote that song and didn’t want anything to be changed in the song. Then she insisted on doing another single with a friend of hers even though we told her that her next single was going to be on her own.

He took a short break of speaking and looked at the crowd.

Jake: Most of all Allie is a beautiful, young talented girl with the heart where it’s supposed to be. She’s a hug fan of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, and I had to keep her from screaming when she met Miley. Wonder how she’s going to feel now that’s she’s going to meet her other biggest idol. A girl who’s inspired her to live life and keep on believing and staying strong! Everyone give it up for my friend Demi Lovato.

I looked at Jake and saw when Demi walked out on the stage. I started crying when I saw her. She was so beautiful and all real. I ran up on the stage to Demi and hugged her before she even had the chance of saying anything. Someone was laughing in the back but I didn’t care. I was speechless. Demi helped me through a hard time and kept me strong.

I was crying and really fangirling but most of it was inside of me. Her microphone was turned off so people couldn’t really hear if we were speaking or my crying.

Allie: OMG… I can’t believe you’re here. You’ve inspired me to so many things in live. You’ve inspired me to sing, you’ve inspired me to be me, and to stay strong when life was against you. Because of you I stopped cutting myself. Because of you I kept my head up high.

Demi had tears in her eyes too. She hugged me and looked at me with her beautiful eyes.

Demi: I don’t even know what to say.

She hugged me again and wiped away some tears from her eyes.

Demi: would you like to sing a duet with me right now, right here?

Allie: OMG… yes!

Demi turned who microphone on and looked out at the crowd.

Demi: you all look really beautiful. This is one of my biggest fans Allie, and I’m here to celebrate her birthday with her, because this girl is a true inspiration. We’re going to sing a song together. It’s normally one I’m singing with Jason Derülo but Allie will sing it with me instead. This is Together.


Do You Remember At All People Walking Hand In Hand Can We Feel That Love Again Can You Imagine It All If We All Could Get Along Then We All Could Sing This Song Together Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Singing Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh


Allie: Look At Me Look At You Now Look At Me Again See We’re Not So Different Look Around Take What You See With Throwing Things Outside Our Window We Don’t Care To Keep It Clean

I Had A Dream Beauty Was Only Skin Deep If We All Just Believe That Is All We Need Nothing Else Can Set You Free


Demi: Do You Remember At All People Walking Hand In Hand


We finished the song and I was still crying. This was with no doubt the best birthday I had ever had, just until I saw Austin walk out of the door and out into the hall… 

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