Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


60. chapter 59


Barry: Jake can you find someone who can get us some coffee. Allie looks like she’s falling asleep.

Allie: No it’s okay.

Barry: back to the farewell concerts you’re going to do in Denmark. Where should we play?

Allie: I was thinking about Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus.

Barry: good but what about doing 5 concerts instead?

Allie: 5?!

Barry: we’re doing five. Add Esbjerg and Nykoebing to the plan too.

Allie: but that’s too many. I don’t even have that many fans there.

Barry: don’t worry. It’s going to be a show with Peyton, Dylan, Austin and you.

Allie: yeah…

Barry went through a lot of papers. It was like that all afternoon. We planned the shows and called all the places that I was going to perform. We weren’t going to make a lot on the shows but that wasn’t the point. It was only going to be enough to get all of my things back to Atlanta.

A couple of hours before we ended Barry asked me to do a stream. I did… there were around 700 people there. It changed every time I was there.

Barry and Jake weren’t going to be in the ustream but they were going to be in the room.

Allie: hey raffies! How are you doing?

I waited for a moment. Barry looked at me as if I was weird.

Allie: as I said this was going to be a special ustream because I have a lot of news for you all. As you can see I’m in a studio and that’s because I’m signed and I’ve moved to Atlanta. But to all of my lovely raffies home in Denmark! I’ll come home this Sunday because I’ll be doing some farewell concerts next week. Also my friends and I will be celebrating my 17th birthday which is this Thursday! Don’t forget to send me something!

Barry still looked at me. He kinda scared me.

Allie: well the concerts are going to be in the following towns; Odense, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Esbjerg and Nykoebing. The tickets will go on sale tomorrow and I’ll be joined by my good friends Austin Mahone, Dylan Holland and Peyton Sanders. Therefor the tickets are going to be a little more expensive than last time. They’ll cost $35. There will also be a chance to get meet and greet where you can meet me and the boys. But if you want a meet and greet ticket they’ll cost you $45 and we will only sell about 50 at each concert. Any questions?

I waited a bit, and then Jake sat down next to me.

Allie: what?

Jake: Also she didn’t tell you that she’s going to work on a lot of new music for you all. There’s going to be a lot of surprises from now on! You can keep yourself updated on her website. www.allieraff.com it’s just getting started. It’s a whole new website.

Allie: what else do you wanna tell them?

Jake: Allie is going to work on a surprise for you. It’s going to be different surprises at each concert in Denmark. Also remember that these are farewell concerts but that doesn’t mean we won’t come back. We will make sure that Allie will do a lot of concerts in Denmark.

We spoke for almost an hour on ustream about the concert. I knew it was going to be great now that I had Jake and Barry to help me.

When it was around 5pm they drove me home. I was really tired. I went directly into Peyton’s room when I came home. But he wasn’t alone in there…

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