Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


57. chapter 56


I spoke for a while with both Tammy and Peyton. When I hung up I walked back to Austin. He looked sad.

Allie: are you okay?

Austin: yeah, just a bit tired.

I hugged him for a while.

Allie: everything is going to be okay. Just as you said.

The evening went by fast and before I knew about it, it was time to leave to Atlanta. I said goodbye to Austin at the airport. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. At the same time I saw a flashlight. I let go of Austin and went into the flight with my mom and Jake. It was our own flight. People had stopped me a lot since Miley and I had done a song together so I didn’t want to fly with a lot of people. My mom was going to meet Peyton’s mom for the first time when they dropped me off at his place. I was kinda worried about it.

Barry: How was your flight Allie?

Allie: good but I don’t like traveling in the morning.

Barry: No one does.

I smiled but what I mostly smiled about was that I was going to see my boy soon.

We drove up in front of the house, Peyton were playing basketball with one of his friends but they stopped as soon as they saw the limo pull up in front of the house.

Allie: guess who is back?

I smiled as I stepped out of the car and took off my sunglasses. It was a great day in Atlanta.

Peyton: Hey beautiful.

He walked up to me and hugged me close into him. I dropped my bag back into the limo because he kissed my neck and then my lips. At the same time my mom stepped out of the car with Jake.

Peyton: oh hey.

He blushed a bit and stepped away. My mom smiled as she took her hair away from her face.

Allie’s mom: Nice to see you again Peyton.

Peyton: you too.

Allie’s mom: I thought it was about time that I meet your mother.

Peyton: sure.

Tyler (Peyton’s friend): dude what’s going on?

Peyton: sorry Ty… I have to introduce Kate to my mom. Can we hang out later?

(Kate is Allie’s mom. I finally found a name for her. Or actually my sister did!)

Tyler: sure.

He looked at me a little mad but I knew that he would be good again. Peyton used to hang out with him a lot.

Jake sat back down in the limo. He wasn’t going to meet Tammy yet. Or they actually had met but he said that Barry, my mom and him were going to leave soon.

We went inside where Tammy almost ran out into the hallway and hugged me.

Tammy: Welcome back Allie. So good to see you again.

Allie: you too Tammy. I’ve missed you. This is my mom Kate.

Tammy: hello, nice to finally meet you.

She hugged her too and then Peyton and I took my stuff to his room. My mom followed Tammy into the living room.

Peyton: so how long are you planning to stay in Atlanta?

Allie: what about forever?

Peyton: you’re joking…

Allie: I don’t know when I’ll leave again. I know I’ll be going home to do a farewell concert and to get all of my stuff but that’s all. I’m coming. Beside that we gotta celebrate my birthday next week.

Peyton: Yeah I know.

He smiled and looked out of the window.

Allie: why are you smiling that?

Peyton: I’m not.

Allie: Peyton have you planned anything for my birthday?

I held my hands around his waist and looked him right into the eyes. He bit his lip and then smiled down to me.

Peyton: not yet.

Allie: OMG Peyton… don’t plan anything. Austin told me he was coming to visit me.

Peyton: I know.

Allie: stop it.

Peyton: okay.

He hugged me and then kissed me.

Allie: BTW there might be some rumors about me and Austin because he kissed me on the cheek back in Miami.

Peyton: It’s okay. I know they aren’t true.

He kissed me again but then my mom and Tammy knocked the door.

Kate: loving bird. Come say goodbye to me before I’m going back to Denmark to pack all of your things.

Allie: fine. Are you going to plan the farewell concerts?

Kate: yeah I am. And then you’ll come home the week after your birthday and you’re going to stay for about 4-5 days. Peyton you’re more than welcome to come too. I’m going to invite Dylan, Austin and Camille too. What do you think about that hun?

Allie: OMG mom that would be totally amazing.

Kate: Then that’s what we do.

Allie: I love you.

I hugged her and kissed her and then hugged her again.

Allie: I’m gonna miss you mom. See you two weeks.

Kate: see you. Peyton! Take care of her. She’s all yours now. I know that’s what you’ve wanted all the time.

My mom left and I hugged Peyton. We were going to spend all day together in his room. His friend Tyler was coming over later but I didn’t mind. I had some things I had to work on and I was allowed to sit everywhere in the house that I wanted. The whole family liked me. Especially his little sisters.

Allie: I have some things I have to work on later but I guess that it won’t matter it Tyler is coming over?

Peyton: No it’s fine. Beside you’re going to stay here until you find your own place. So I know where you are all the time.

Allie: good.

Peyton took my hand and held it in front of both of us.

Peyton: Allie?

Allie: yeah?

Peyton: Now that you’re staying…

He looked down in the floor. He got all shy and didn’t know what to say. He even blushed a little bit.

Allie: now that I’m staying?

Peyton: Allie Raff. I love you, with all of my heart. When you’re not here, it’s like a part me is missing, it’s like I’m incomplete. I don’t want to stay away from you, now that you’re living under my roof…

Allie: then don’t… I’ve never wanted you to stay away from me. I love you. I wanna be with, and hopefully for a very long time.

Peyton: so…

Allie: yeah.

I smiled and so did he. He leaned in a kissed me gently on the lips. 

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