Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


52. chapter 51


Jake smiled even brighter and looked at Barry and then back at me.

Allie: Why are you staring like that?

Mr. Weiss: Allie can we talk?

Allie: sure?

We walked out into Barry’s car.

Mr. Weiss: Allie I really liked how you acted in there.

Allie: thanks’ I really tried to do my best.

Mr. Weiss: Allie? I have something that I want to offer you. It’s a full contract with me and Jake as your managers. But there’s one thing… you’ll have to move to Atlanta as soon as possible.

Allie: I am in… but you need to speak with my mom too. Beside that there’re some things we need to speak about before I sign anything. I want to say my opinion too, because this is my music.

Barry: of course. Is it possible to get your mom over here or fax the contract to her?

Allie: we can fax it to her.

Barry: that would be good.

We spoke for almost an hour until Jake came out.

Jake: Allie? Austin just called; he asked you if you’re coming home anytime soon?

I looked at Barry who smiled and let me out of the car.

Allie: You can take me home now.

I went out of the car and just as Jake was about to shut the door Barry stepped out of the car.

Barry: I’ll be faxing the contract to your mom when I get home and then she can call me in a couple of hours about it.

Allie: Thank you!

I smiled as I went over to the other car with Jake. He smiled too.

When we sat in the car on our way back to Austin’s place I couldn’t stop thinking about something.

Allie: Jake? Can I ask you something?

Jake: sure…

Allie: Why haven’t you signed management with me before if you’ve wanted to support me so much all this time?

Jake: Because I needed someone to work with. I’ve kinda been your manager all the time but it’s just going to be easier now if your mom is signing this too.

Allie: I guess.

We arrived at Austin’s place. There was so dark in there and it seemed like no one was home. I called Austin and shortly after there was light in his room.

Austin: what’s up?

Allie: I just wanted to know if you were home. Everything seems so quiet.

Austin: yeah I was just watching a movie…

Allie: well I’m coming up now.

I hung up on him and hugged Jake before I went out of the car.

Jake: Allie, I’ll be calling you in the morning about this.

Allie: sure.

As soon as I was inside me and Austin room I lay down in bed. I was so tired and I just wanted to sleep but Austin came over to me and lay down beside me. Neither of us said anything.

He hugged me close; it was so close that I could feel his breath. There were only a few inches between our heads. I felt his breath as he moved closer to me. I knew what was going on was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself. I needed that kiss.

I felt his lips gently against mine. They were warm and a bit bigger than Peyton’s. His hands got up in my hair and around my neck. I couldn’t stop. It was just so surreal. I actually didn’t feel like stopping him. Our bodies were close and we melted in to one person. 

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