Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


51. chapter 50


It was crazy to stand on the stage. I didn’t really know how to react. It was something different to be standing here.  Before I knew about it the song was over and Ellen took me down to sit with her. Miley walked out backstage. She was going to be on the show after me but they weren’t really going to speak about the same things.

Ellen: wow that was amazing Allie.

Allie: thank you.

I smiled and moved my hair away from my head.

Ellen: tell me, how is it to be standing on the stage like that?

Allie: it’s so amazing. Sometimes I feel like I was born to stand on the stage. It’s just been a crazy but amazing journey since the single came out and everyone has been so supportive.

Ellen: That’s good. Now I know you live in Denmark but most of your friends live here in the states. How have they been reacting when you’ve been home?

Allie: I met them all back in July for the first time actually and when I left it was really hard and I couldn’t really get used to being home again and the day after I got home I actually ended up in the hospital with a broken leg because I was in a car accident. And then my friend Austin, you know Austin Mahone, he came all the way to Denmark to stay with me for the rest of the school year.

Ellen: what a sweet kid.

Allie: yeah he’s the best.

Ellen: And what after, you’ve been here about 10 days ago?

Allie: yeah I was. This guy Jake Williams called my mom and asked me if I was interested in coming to Atlanta and play some music for him. It was totally crazy because one of my best friends was going to be in it too and I was going to live with him for a month which ended out being 14 days. This was where I was introduced to Miley. She was such an amazing girl and she just stood there in the studio while I was singing one of her songs. And she was like “you almost sing that better than me” and I must admit I felt like screaming and crying because she’s really my biggest idol and my biggest inspiration together with Demi Lovato who I really wanna meet. And then I ended up in the hospital over here because I had this anxiety attack or something. I really panicked and I don’t really know what happened. So my mom came over here and told me if I didn’t get signed I would have to come back to Denmark and take things a bit slowly.

Ellen: wow… so you took back to Denmark and then what?

Allie: and I hated my mom for doing that to me. I feel more home over here than I’ve ever done anywhere. I feel like this is where I belong. And I actually didn’t want to speak with my mom unless she spoke English to me. I didn’t really speak much with her the first three days but then I had to do this concert for about 400 people or something like that. It was really crazy and I actually started crying that night because my friend Peyton who’s a rapper came up on stage to me and I didn’t even know that he was in the country. And then he did the second show with me last Tuesday and now we’re here. It’s insane. It’s like the kid left last night in Denmark and a couple of hours after he left my friend Austin called and then Jake called. So it’s been really crazy the past week.

Ellen: Now that you’re in this business what do you wanna reach? What’s your goal with this?

Allie: I don’t really have a goal to be honest. I’m turning 17 next week and I don’t need to hurry about anything because I still have to get an education unless I can live from this. But the plans for now are to get another single out, hopefully my own this time. And then just let it take me where it takes me. I definitely hope that I’ll be moving over here as soon as possible, because my best friend lives up in Ohio so it would be a lot easier if I was going to stay in the states too but I don’t really know what’s going to happen. Hopefully somebody will tell me soon.

Ellen: Now as you know some of your fans, what are they called?

Allie: My fans call themselves Raffies.

Ellen: that’s interesting. Well they helped me pick up some questions that they wanna know about you.

Allie: cool.

Ellen: first one is from one of your Danish Raffies. She says she loves you and that she adores how you’ve grown through the past year and she really wanna know if you and Peyton Sanders are dating?

Allie: I’d prefer not to speak about my personal life but me and Peyton Sanders are not dating. We’re very close and everything but it’s just been really complicated between me and him. We’re trying to work things out. That’s all I’m saying.

Ellen: Maybe we’ll have the next hot couple in Hollywood.

Allie: More like Atlanta, Georgia.

We laughed a bit and then she asked me some more question. I was on the show for about 30 minutes and I told her everything about everything.

Ellen: Allie it’s been really nice to get to know you and your story has been really amazing. There might be more in you that your fans know. I know one thing. They should be proud for having such an amazing idol. Everyone Allie Raff.

The audience clapped and I walked out behind the stage where I saw Jake and Barry Weiss. They were both smiling and speaking about me but I didn’t really get what they were saying. I only knew one thing. Whatever they wanted to tell me, in a minute had to be good news. 

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