Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


46. chapter 45


We drove all the way home after the concert. I lived like an hour away from Aarhus were the next concert were going to be and about an 45 minutes from Odense were I was, so we drove home after the concert.

Peyton and I were sitting on the backseat and held each other’s hands.

Allie: I’m glad you’re here.

Peyton: me too.

We arrived home shortly after and walked up into my room. Peyton looked at my walls. I had a poster of him that I bought shortly before I got to know him. I also had one of Austin and some pictures of Dylan. Beside that I had pictures from Nashville. My walls were in general covered by pictures, fan mail and other stuff.

Peyton: haha I see you still have that poster of me.

Allie: Yeah and I also have a letter that you sent me once.

Peyton: really?

Allie: yeah it’s right there.

I pointed up on my wall on a small letter right beside my Austin Mahone poster.

Peyton: that’s sweet.

Allie: I guess.

Peyton hugged me from behind and kissed me on the neck.

Peyton: I’ve missed you.

Allie: I’ve missed you too.

I turned around and looked him right into the eyes.

Allie: I’ve got a confession to make.

Peyton: you know you can tell me everything.

Allie: We better sit down.

We both sat down in my back and he took my hands.

Peyton: what’s going on?

Allie: Remember the day I got home crying from the park last week?

Peyton: yeah?

Allie: I kissed Austin…

Peyton: what?!

Allie: I’m sorry, I didn’t know what happened, I kissed him as I usually kiss Camille because she’s a good friend that I care a lot about.

Peyton: But you kissed another guy?

Allie: I said I’m sorry but I can’t change the past. I know what I did was wrong but I can’t regret it because I didn’t put anything into it.

Peyton: Why didn’t you tell me about it before?

Allie: Because I don’t wanna hurt you. I love my friends and you know that. But I love you more. You’re not worth losing for anything.

He leaned in and kissed me. I took one of my hands around his neck and tipped my head a bit. We kissed for a long time and he kinda turned me on when he lay me down in the bed and continued to kiss me. We stopped kissing when my mom knocked on the door. One of the shoulder straps from my bra had fell down from where it was supposed to be and it looked like I was wearing a shirt at all under the duvet.

Allie’s mom: Allie I’m going to bed…. What’s going on in here?

Allie: nothing mom.

Allie’s mom: are you guys having sex?

I blushed all over the face and took off the duvet. No mom we’re both wearing clothes.

Allie’s mom: You know sex is a beautiful thing between couples and I wouldn’t mind if…

Allie: mor! Nej… bare nej! Jeg ved godt hvordan det hele fungere, men bare fordi vi ligger under same dyne betyder det altså ikke at vi har sex. (Mom! No… just no! I know how all this works but just because we’re under the same duvet it doesn’t mean that we have sex.)

My mom winked at me as she walked out of the room.

Allie: OMG… she’s so embarrassing!

Peyton was laughing really hard.

Allie: it’s not funny! OMG… she’s so embarrassing.

I started laughing a bit and then Peyton hugged me.

Peyton: at least she’s not freaking out.

Allie: stop it! She’s so embarrassing. I can’t handle it.

Peyton: calm down.

He kissed me and then lay back down. I got up from my bed and changed into my oversize shirt and lay back down in the bed.

Allie: we better get some sleep. There’s a show I have to practice for most of the day tomorrow.

Peyton: I know. Are we leaving tomorrow or?

Allie: I think so, my mom wants to take me shopping so that I’ll have a chance of meeting my fans.

Peyton: why don’t they just buy meet and greet?

Allie: I don’t know. My mom has some weird ideas some times.

Peyton: You don’t say.

Allie: but most of the time it pays off good.

I winked and lay my head on his chest but he wasn’t going to leave it by that. He hugged me and kissed me. When he stopped kissing me we fell asleep.

I don’t ever remember being this happy when I was home in my own room. Maybe one time when Camille was with me but else I had never felt this safe or happy. 

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