Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


41. chapter 40


I finished the song and Miley hugged me. The audience actually clapped but it wasn’t me they clapped off. It was Miley.

Allie: Huge thank you to my friend Miley Cyrus. Thanks for being here for me today. I’d also like to thank Jake for making this jurney possible for me. Thanks a lot Jake. You’ve been here like a supporter, manager and friend through these past 1.5 week. It’s been really amazing to work with someone like you.

Jake smiled at me and then I walked down off the stage. Jake got up on the stage and spoke for a while. I turned my microphone off as soon as I was behind the stage. I was still shaking. I was so nervous. I started crying a bit when my mom walked up to me.

Allie’s mom: Honey, don’t cry. You did amazing.

Allie: Not good enough.

Camille: what are you talking about? Allie you killed it out there! You got them to clap at the end.

Allie: I don’t know…

Shortly after Jake walked up behind the stage while he was speaking with someone.

Jake: Allie! There you are. There’s someone here I’d like to introduce you too. This is my friend Barry Weiss.

Allie: It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Weiss.

I shake his hand and followed him and Jake. Peyton walked the other way with some dude and Miley. They seemed like they were going to have the same talk as I was about to have with Mr. Weiss, Jake and my mother.

We sat down in a room.

Mr. Weiss: Allie you have such a great voice. There’s something that can be better but you have a strong vocal.

Allie: thank you very much.

My mom walked into the room a little late.

Mr. Weiss: and who’s this?

Allie: Oh I’m so sorry about that! Mor du ødelægger det her. Lad være med at komme brasende ind på den måde! (Mom you’re ruining this! Don’t just come in barging in like that!)

Allie’s mom: I’m sorry.

Mr. Weiss: You must be her mother right?

Allie’s mom: yes pleasure to meet you Mr. Weiss.

My mom sat down beside me and pretended nothing happened.

Mr. Weiss: As I just told your daughter she’s very talented and she has a strong vocal. But there’s something missing. You’re a beautiful girl and you have a great talent but I need some more personality. Where’s that strong little girl you say you are? Allie I’d like to keep an eye on you if that’s okay but you’ll have to prove for me that you wanna do this is you wanna be a part of Universal Republic Records.

Allie: Of course.

Mr. Weiss: do you think it’s possible for you to sing me a song right now acoustic where you’re playing guitar, Jake told me that you could do that.

Allie: sure, let me go get my guitar.

I walked up and got my guitar in the room that was just beside the one that I was in. I walked back and sat down. My guitar was tuned already.

Mr. Weiss: Now challenge yourself and sing something new for me.

Allie: Actually what I wanted to sing isn’t a new song. It’s from 2010 and it’s a song that I haven’t really been able to sing, because I have a problem signing Demi Lovato’s songs. This song is originally a duet between her and Joe Jonas but I’m gonna sing it because it’s challenging.

I started playing and felt how I got nervous.


They say the beat of a butterflies wings,

Can set off a storm the world away

What if they’re right and the smallest things

Can power the strongest hurricane?

What if it all begins inside?

We hold the key that turns the tide.

Just a pebble in the water (ohh)

Can set the sea in motion (ohh)

A simple act of kindness (ohh)

Can stir the widest ocean

If we show a little love

Heaven knows what we could change (oh yeah)

So throw a pebble in the water (oh yeah)

And make a wave, make a wave

Make a wave, make a wave.

Jake: that was really beautiful.

Allie: thank you.

Jake: what do you say Barry?

Mr. Weiss: I don’t know. I’m still not convinced. Allie darling here’s what we’re going to do. You’re gonna make more cover and then you’re gonna show all of your personality in blogs and new videos from now on. If you haven’t heard from me in a month I’m not interested if you have you’ll be flight back to the states and you’ll be signed if you want to.

Allie: OMG you will do that for me?

Mr. Weiss: you’re a very talented girl Allie and your talent isn’t something that should be wasted.

Allie: thank you very much Mr. Weiss. I will not disappoint you.

Mr. Weiss: I hope not.

I met a lot of other people but they were all interested in other things than me and they were trying to make me someone that I wasn’t. Barry Weiss had impressed me and I really wanted to work with him.

Shortly after I walked out and found Peyton. I told him everything that happened.

Peyton: wait… so you’re not getting signed today?

Allie: No but I might be in a month.

Peyton: Bu that means you’re going back to Denmark this Thursday… 

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