Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


35. chapter 34


My mom started crying but I didn’t care. I had been crying for a long time.

Allie: You’re not doing this for me. You’re doing it because you want me to be home and you wanna see me when I’m using my talent but guess what? Your support isn’t helping. I can do lots of concerts when I go home. There will be a lot of places to go sing.

Mom: I’m doing this because I want you to be home. It’s not right for you to be here.

Allie: Not right? Mom do you know what I’ve manage to get over here while you’ve been home working?

Mom: A song that isn’t even out yet!

Allie: It might not be out yet but I’ve been on the internet. People have been taking pictures of me! I’ve met my biggest idol and my true inspiration, I’ve written songs. I’ve performed in front of 1000 people. I’ve done things in my life that I never thought I would be capable of handling but I doing it because I met these wonderful people who are getting me through this. Come with me to the studio, hear us sing when we’re only us. That’s when you’ll find your daughter. If you don’t like what you hear or what you see you can take me home. Deal?

Mom: deal.

The nurse walked back into the room.

Nurse: there’s someone here to see you.

Shortly after Miley walked into the room I smiled all over the face when I saw her again. She was so beautiful.

Allie: Miley?!

Miley: hey kiddo!

Allie: What are you doing here?

Miley: I had to check on my little superstar! I know I just left Atlanta a couple of days ago but I just had to check on you when they told me that you were here.

Mom: thank you Miley. That’s so kind of you.

Miley looked weird at my mother.

Miley: You must be her mom right?

Mom: yeah. Pleasure to meet you.

Miley: yeah, you too. You have a really talented daughter.

Mom: thank you.

Miley: Allie I’ve got great news for you!

Allie: really?!

Miley: Yeah! I’ve been speaking with different radio stations because they called me and they are going to play our song!

Allie: OMG! That’s amazing!

Miley: I know right!

Allie: OMG… I’m gonna be on the radio.

I smiled, shortly after Peyton walked in.

Peyton: babe?

Allie: yeah?

He looked up from the ground and stared at Miley.

Peyton: Nice to meet you Miley.

Then he looked back at me.

Peyton: they are letting you out soon, and we’re allowed to go to the studio tonight.

Allie: that’s amazing! Can you go pack my things while I say good bye to Miley?

Peyton: sure.

I hugged Miley really tight.

Allie: thanks for coming over Miley. It really means a lot to me. You’re the best.

Miley: You’re really a special girl Allie, take care of yourself. I don’t wanna lose a girl like you. Call me any time there’s something you need. There’s always extra space at my place if you need it.

Allie: thank you.

I hugged her again and then she left. The nurse walked into the room.

Nurse: You have some pretty cool friends.

Allie: yeah I know. She’s been a pleasure to work with.

Me and my mom walked back to the room I was in to start with. I changed into something different. Jake walked into the room while I was changing. He was standing with his back to me while he was speaking.

Jake: Allie I have news for you.

Allie: yeah what’s the news?

I was walking around finding my clothes.

Jake: We’re gonna do a concert this Sunday.

Allie: But that’s in 2 days?!

Jake: Yeah but you’re ready for it, and then there’s been changing with your single. We’re going to let it out this Wednesday. All of Miley’s fans want it and it will just be good for you to come out there to all those kids.

Allie: that sounds good to me but that concert this Sunday… don’t you think it’s a bit too much?

Jake: there will be some people from Universal Music there to hear you singing!

Allie: Sunday right? I’m ready.

Jake laughed and then he walked out of the room. I was walking right behind him. Everyone beside Austin had walked out to the limo that waited to drive us to the studios.

Allie: we’ll be out in a minute.

Jake looked at me and then he left.

Allie: what’s up?

Austin: I was really worried about you.

Allie: I’m sorry.

Austin: it’s not your fault.

Allie: that’s not what I’m sorry for. It wasn’t nice of me to just be like that to Peyton in front you guys. I didn’t think about it.

Austin: it doesn’t matter. I get that you only wanna be friends for now.

Allie: You’re the best Austin.

I hugged him and then we walked out to the limo.

We drove over to the studios, it was a 15 minute drive so Jake started talking.

Jake: I have great news for you all. You are going to do a concert this Sunday and there’s going to be a lot of people there and in the crowd there won’t be any fans. These are all really important people. These are the people you want to impress because this is your chance of getting signed. Also Allie’s first single is coming out this Wednesday and we’re going to do an interview on The Late Night Show with David Letterman. Miley is going to be there to and you guys are going to perform!

Jake looked at my mom.

Jake: therefor you can’t leave before Thursday at least!

Jake was on my side when it came to this. He wanted me to have my chance.

Mom: We’ll see Mr. William. We’ll see.

Jake: No we will not. She’s going to stay here or let a lot of people down. I’ve worked hard to get her to where she’s going to be soon! I’ve been on my knees in front of people to even get her the chances she’s going to get, so don’t you even think about taking her home. I know you’re her mother and you can do whatever you want but it’s her life and she has something to say too. You can stay here until Thursday. If you still don’t like the idea I’ll let you take her home.

My mom looked at Jake. She was surprised that anyone would speak to her in that tone about her own child.

Austin looked out of the window and then he looked at me.

Austin: We all know that you want to take her home because she has great chances at home because of all those concerts but just see what she’s managed to do here so far and she’s only been here for a week. We really want her to stay here with us Mrs. Raff. Allie is a part of what this is.

Peyton: Remember when you saw her on stage for the first time at Teen Hoot? That’s the girl we know and love. That’s the living, nervous, clumsy, sweet girl we all love. That’s who your daughter really is and you should know that if you take that away from us it won’t be the same. We won’t be able to cross each other’s fan bases in the same way because our Danish girl is missing.

Camille: I’ve never seen Allie this happy and I’ve been living with her and she’s my best friend in every single way. You shouldn’t make her do this. This is her dream and you should be supporting her, not ruin it for her. Just give her a chance to prove to you that this is what she’s good at and what she can do with her life.

We pulled up at the studio. My mom was really shocked. She didn’t know my friends would be that supportive.

Dylan: Allie is the one that makes us all stay the boys we are. Our crew would just be something that would be about sport and girls and bit music if she wasn’t here. But when she’s here it’s all about music and about living and just having fun. She’s the one starting all the sport talk.

Allie: You see? I belong here mom. These are my true friends.

We were inside the studio and I walked into the room I was going to sing in, Austin walked in there with me.

Allie: No Air!

The music went on and I started singing.



But how do you expect me

To live alone with just me

‘cause my world revolves around you

It’s so hard for me to breathe!



Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no air

Can’t live, can’t breathe with no air

It’s how I feel whenever you ain’t there

It’s no air, no air

Got me out here in the water so deep

Tell me how you gonna be without me

If you ain’t here, I just can’t breathe

It’s no air, no air  

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