Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


26. chapter 25


Allie: meet me at the park in 5.

Camilla: okay.

I hang up and took my shirt back on and one of Peyton’s sweatshirts.

Peyton: You can’t go out now. It’s late.

Allie: I don’t care. If my friends need me I’ll be there for them, and when it comes to Camille I’ll be there even faster. So don’t you even think about trying to stop me!

Peyton looked scared but I didn’t mind. I was worried about Camille.

I saw her as I was crossing the street to get into the park. She was still crying when she arrived. She threw herself into my arms and cried even harder.

Allie: Camille, you need to tell me what happened.

She kept crying and she couldn’t let go of me.

Allie: Camille, please!

I let go of her and looked her into her eyes. They were red and she had something that looked like blood under one of her eyes.

Allie: is that… blood?

She sat down on her knees and showed me her wrists. She had cut herself again.

Allie: babe why?

Camille: Allie, I’m pregnant…

Allie: wait what?!

Camille: I’m pregnant…

She had a break down.

Allie: But who’s the, who’s the father?!

Camille: Dylan is…

Allie: Have you told him?

Camille: No I can’t. He’ll get mad.

Allie: I don’t think he will. But you’ll have to decide what you’re going to do with it, and Dylan is going to be part of the choice too, because it might affect his career.

Camille cried.

Camille: I can’t tell him.

Allie: Take my hand sweetie. It’s time to tell him. BTW how long?

Camille: 2 months…

Allie: Holy shit! You’ll be able to see it soon, you know that right?

Camille: I know…

Allie: wait… 2 months? You came 2.5 month ago, that’s fast.

Camille: Can you just not be worried about that now.

Allie: sorry.

I took her hand and took her back to her hotel room.

Dylan: hun is that you?

Allie: Hey Dylan.

Dylan: Allie? Is Camille with you?

Allie: yeah.

Dylan: Is she okay? She seemed upset when she left?

I walked into the room Dylan was in and looked at him with a worried face. Dylan looked at Camille who looked in the ground and tried to cover her wrists.

Allie: Dylan there’s something we need to tell you. Camille, take of your shirt so that he can see it all.

She took my hand but then she took of her shirt. You could already see that she was pregnant and then of course the wounds on her wrist.

Dylan: I don’t really get it?

Camille turned the side to Dylan who sat down in the couch and was speechless. Then she showed him her wrists.

Dylan: Babe what have you done to yourself?

Camille: Dylan I’m pregnant…

Dylan: And that gives you the reason to hurt yourself?

Camille: Yes because I’m not ready to be a mother yet but being against abortions doesn’t make it easy.

Dylan: we’re gonna figure something out.

Camille: what about your career?

Dylan: As I said we’ll figure something out.

Camille: Again, what about when I move back to Denmark?

Dylan: who says you’re moving back?

Camille: I do, I’m only allowed to be here for 12 months.

I got out of there. I didn’t want to hear my friends argue with each other and especially not about something like this. Camille walked out to me shortly after and hugged me.

Allie: I’m gonna go back to Peyton.

Camille: it’s alright. Please don’t tell him anything yet.

Allie: I won’t. I promise.

Camille: thanks.

I took off and walked back to Peyton’s place. When I got home Peyton was sleeping, or I thought he was. I crawled over him but he took my by the waist so that I was stuck on top of him.

Peyton: hey beautiful

Allie: Hey.

Peyton: are you okay?

Allie: yeah just a bit worried about Camille, that’s all.

Peyton: What happened to her?

Allie: I’m sorry I promised her not to tell.

Peyton: it’s okay.

He kissed me gently on the lips.

Allie: BTW I’m taking off at noon tomorrow I’m meeting Miley at the park for our photo shoot.

Peyton: that’s okay.

Allie: we might even be filming some scene for the music video.

Peyton: that sounds awesome.

Allie: I know right.

Peyton hugged me and lay me down beside him.

Peyton: I really love you. You know that right?

Allie: I do. And I love you too.

We kissed but only for a short time. It was late and I was really tired from working the whole day. 

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