Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


25. chapter 24


Allie: OMG! Thank you so much!

Miley: You’re welcome. You’ve been singing so many of my songs. It’s time to return the favor.

I felt how some tears were pushing to get out of my eyes but I didn’t let them.

Jake: I’ve already written your song into a duet Allie, so you’ll just have to practice the song a bit and then yeah sing it but we have to be done by tomorrow night.

I looked at Jake with big eyes.

Allie: Tomorrow night?

Jake: Yeah I know it’s a short time but that’s how it’s going to be this time. I’ll call someone to come film you while you’re singing the song an then we’ll use that to some sort of music video.

Allie: sounds okay with me.

Miley: Me too. I’ll go out and practice the melody a bit.

Allie: okay.

Miley got up and left with the lyrics and the recorded version of my song.

Allie: OMG! Thank you so much Jake!

I broke down in tears, all of the tears I had, had in my body for all the time when she had been here.

Jake: Now stop crying, I know you’re excited but you have to act like a professional. That was all she wanted from you for her to come here today.

I wiped the tears away from my eyes, and 30 minutes later Miley was back and ready to sing the song with me.

Miley: Are you ready to try this?

Allie: definitely!

Miley: good! Let’s kick some ass then.

We walked in and got our headsets on and listened to the music. The first couple of times we couldn’t sing the song but it got better and better. We took a break around 6pm and got some dinner. When we got back we started singing again. We wanted to finish the song tonight before we went home but Miley told us that we had to finish before 10pm because she wanted to go back by then.

Around 9pm we got it. It was finally done, and it actually sounded really beautiful. We listened to the full track.

Allie: If only you knew you’ve done something to me that I have never felt before

Miley: A picture of you or just the sound of your name is enough to get me flying

Both: You’ve touched something deep inside of me But you’re so far away

Allie: You gave me my voice to speak you gave me air to breathe but now that you’re far away I feel so incomplete

Allie: You’re my world My chance of breathing

Miley: you keep me grounded even when I’m flying in the skies you’re the one who make me feel like I’m the one

Both: now that we’re far away I miss you more than ever I just wanna get back in your arms it’s where I find myself and everything that I need.

Miley: You gave me my voice to speak you gave me air to breathe but now that you’re far away I feel so incomplete

Both: You’re my hero and everything that I want and need You’re the one that make me complete you’re my whole heart which you will never get to fall apart.

Allie: Fall apart.

Jake: bravo girls! Great job! Really great job! Miley I’ll sent you the song and video when we’ve done it tomorrow. You don’t have to come back tomorrow unless you feel like it.

Miley: I would love to come back. Today have been so much fun and it would be nice to see the results as soon as they are over. Maybe we could figure something out with my crew and a photo shoot for the single cover?

Allie: OMG that would be so awesome!

Miley: I know right?

Jake: I don’t know girls, it has to be around the area.

Miley: sure we’ll figure something out.

Allie: I know the perfect place where we can do it!

Miley wrote down her number on a paper.

Miley: Text me the rest and meet me thee tomorrow at noon.

I looked at Jake he didn’t seem like he liked the idea.

Jake: Fine just do it then.

I smiled and took the paper, then I hugged Miley and we all left the studio.

When I got home Peyton was doing a Ustream. I could hear him speak. I walked into the room anyway. I didn’t have much of my voice left because I had been singing so much.

Peyton: Look who just got here!

He hugged me when I walked over to his desk.

Peyton: How was your day in the studio?

Allie: It was really great! But I can’t tell you what’s going on when you’re live. It has got to wait.

Peyton: it is okay, I’m done in a second.

Allie: fine.

I lay down on his bed and was almost falling asleep.

[Peyton’s POV]

I looked back at the screen and went through some of the questions in the social stream.

Peyton: who that was? That’s my friend Allie. She’s a singer. She was the one I was singing with to Hoot Fest. Are we dating? It’s a bit complicated. Allie lives in a small country in Europe and I live here in Atlanta, so it would be a long distance. Do I love her? Yes I do, she’s a sweet girl. Does she live with me? Yes she does that but only till next months unless she gets signed while she’s here. Will I ever visit my Danish fans?

Allie got up from the bed.

Allie: did you just say Danish fans?

Peyton: yes?

Allie: He will visit his Danish fans one day but you’ll get more information about that soon. There’s gonna be a couple of days before that’s going to happen. But yes Peyton will visit Denmark.

Peyton: I will?

Allie: yeah because you’re going to visit me.

Peyton: I guess I have too. Well I’ve got to go. Thanks for watching.

[Allie’s POV]

Peyton: Now tell me what happened!

Allie: I’ve recorded a duet today.

Peyton: I thought you were going to be there alone?

Allie: Yeah so did I until I was doing a duet with Miley Cyrus.

Peyton: You’re kidding me right?

Allie: Nope. It’s coming out soon. We’re going to do a photo shoot down at the lake tomorrow.

Peyton: OMG that’s so awesome!

Allie: I know right! She just walked in while I was singing one of her songs and she was like “Oh you do that almost as good as I do” it was so awesome!

Peyton got up from his chair and hugged me close into his body.

Peyton: I’ve missed you.

Allie: I would say I have missed you too but I’ve just had an amazing day.

Peyton: thanks a lot…

He let go of me and pretended to be mad but I knew he wasn’t.

I walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.

He turned around and kissed me on the lips. We were making out and it was about to turn into something more when my phone started ringing.

Allie: Allie speaking.

I only heard someone cry in the background. I looked at the screen and saw that it was Camille.

Allie: Camille? What’s going on?

Camille: We need to meet. Something’s happened. 

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