Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


20. chapter 19


When we walked in I was almost about to scream when I saw Austin, Camille and Dylan.

Allie: OMG!

Peyton looked at me and then looked up and realized that we were all together again. I felt how the tears were about to run down of my cheeks when I saw all of their faces.

Allie: what are you all doing here?

I hugged them all and then wiped away the tears from my eyes.

Jake: Okay now that you’re all here and neither of you were allowed to tell each other about it I’m gonna tell you what’s going on. Sit down everyone.

We all sat down and so did Jake. He was messing with some things at his laptop.

Jake: I was at the last Teen Hoot and I saw all of you, and how you guys were around each other. You all have really amazing and strong vocals and that’s something we can use here. Beside the fact that you guys are really close you have another really good quality. Your vocals go really good together, and you can all sing with each other, this means that we can make all of you sing with each other and alone, and when you sing with each other you’ll combine your fan bases which will make your own bigger. What do you say? Are you ready for this?

Allie: definitely.

The others looked at me.

Allie: Guys you might get this chance on another time but I won’t. Austin you’ve been in my country. The capital is smaller than the city you live in. And listen to what Jake is saying. We have great vocals and all of us know it. There was a reason that I could go up on that stage in Nashville. It was because that I was with you guys and you were the ones that made my fan base grow. If we do this together we’ll come out to all of our fans, which will make it bigger.

They all looked at me for a while and then they got up.

All: let’s do this.

I was the first one to sing but we all warmed up a bit together before I just sang.

Jake: Okay give me a sign if you can hear me Allie.

I gave him thumbs up and then he put on some music for one of the songs I had covered once. The song I was going to sing was 7 things by Miley Cyrus. I was a huge fan of Miley and I really wanted to meet her someday, because it was mostly her songs that I covered.


I probably shouldn’t say this But at times I get so scared When I think about the previous Relationship we’ve shared

It was awesome but we lost it It’s not possible for me not to care And now we’re standing in the rain But nothing’s ever gonna change until you hear, my dear

Jake: that was awesome Allie. Now I’m gonna try something a little different. Take the guitar behind you and sing us one of your originals. I know you’ve written others than Baby Come home

I thumbed him up again and took a stool and sat down.

Allie: Ehm can I say something before we record?

I asked inside of the microphone.

Jake: sure…

Allie: This song is actually brand new, and I haven’t sung it to anyone before. I wrote it shortly after Austin left Denmark 2 months ago. So don’t get the lyrics to personally guys.

Jake: fine…



If only you knew you’ve done something to me that I have never felt before A picture of you or just the sound of your name is enough to get me flying You’ve touched something deep inside of me But you’re so far away

You gave me my voice to speak you gave me air to breathe but now that you’re far away I feel so incomplete

You’re my world My chance of breathing you keep me grounded even when I’m flying in the skies you’re the one who make me feel like I’m the one now that we’re far away I miss you more than ever I just wanna get back in your arms it’s where I find myself and everything that I need.

You gave me my voice to speak you gave me air to breathe but now that you’re far away I feel so incomplete

You’re my hero and everything that I want and need You’re the one that make me complete you’re my whole heart which you will never get to fall apart.

Everyone was staring at me after the song.

Jake: Allie can you come out here for a minute?

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