Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


15. chapter 14


Allie: because I’m living here and it’s too expensive and I need to know what I wanna do with my life before I just put myself into a relationship, with a boyfriend who lives 1500 miles away from me. It might be weird because I love him but it’s just… it’s hard to explain Austin…

Camille looked at me and smiled. She knew exactly what I talked about but she knew she was going to the U.S shortly after the school had ended and she was going to live there for a year, so being in a relationship with Dylan wasn’t a problem for her.

Allie: do you wanna sing a song with me to graduation? There’s going to be a lot of people here and there’re a lot of your fans on the boarding school.

Austin: sure! That would be awesome.

Allie: But don’t tell your fans yet because they might be allowed to come too. But we’ll have to speak with the teachers and the headmaster first.

Austin: of course. I won’t tell them before you let me tell them.

Allie: good. I’ll speak with the teachers tomorrow or when they are here to say goodnight to us. Lucky for you we have an extra bed in here.

I laughed a bit.

Allie: you can get your own room if you want to?

Austin: naah this is fine.

Allie: alright then.

Austin got up and sat down in the bed which was empty, we had to find an extra duvet and an extra pillow for him. I had the extra pillow but we didn’t know what to do with the duvet yet, so I walked down to the headmaster’s office. It took me a while because of the crutches but I had the time. It wasn’t too let yet.

I knocked the door and walked in.

Allie: Headmaster? Do you have time?

Headmaster: sure come in.

I walked longer in to the room and sat down on a chair with my leg up on another chair.

Allie: First do we have an extra duvet somewhere that my friend can borrow? He’s gonna sleep with me and Camille for the last few days. He’s going home to Texas the day we graduate.

Headmaster: Sure I’ll make sure that the teacher has one for him, when they are saying good night.

Allie: Thanks a lot. The other thing was that, Austin is a great YouTube singer, and you’ve probably heard a lot of the girls mention him here because he is quite famous. And we were wondering if we could perform our song together this Wednesday at the graduation. We performed it at Teen Hoot where I was.

Headmaster: You’ll have speak with the music teacher about that he’s the one saying goodnight tonight. So you can ask him when he comes with the duvet. He might want to hear Austin sing but I guess that’ll be okay.

Allie: or course. Thanks a lot sir. It really means a lot. And thanks for everything that you’ve helped me through in this year. It really means a lot.

We spoke for a while and then I walked back to the room. When my music teacher came he wanted to hear Austin sing and we sang our cover together so he knew what he was going to work with.

The next day we worked the whole day. We were singing all day and practicing for the next day. We couldn’t wait to get on the stage next day. I just wanted to be up there again. It was the best feeling ever. I just wish I could have been there with Peyton too.

At the day of the graduation I was doing everything I could to look pretty. It was hard work but I did it amazing. Austin and I were sitting in the front through my graduation. My mom and dad were there. Both my stepmom and my stepdad were there too. It didn’t bother me but I wish it could just have been me, my mom and my dad for once.

As soon as the teachers had finished talking they told me to come up on stage. Austin was out backstage.

Allie: Hey everyone! It’s really nice to be back on stage. Especially now that I can start walking on my leg again. For those of you who doesn’t know me. My name is Allie Raff, I’m 16 years old and I’m a YouTube singer. I have no idea what I’m going to do after this school year but hopefully I’ll be doing a lot of music, because that’s what I wanna do with my life. And now you’re probably thinking that I’ll have to go to the U.S to live out that dream. I’ve been there already. I’ve performed for all of my American fans and I’ve met people I never in my life thought I would meet but I wouldn’t have gotten this far without being here. I owe everything to the teachers and all of my friends here. You brought me to life and made me realize that I could do this. This song I wanna sing for you is one of my own. It’s called Baby Come Home.

We all have weeping walls inside of us But only one thing made me smile Babe it’s you. You gave me my strength to believe again

When things were down You’re my strength You’re my faith

You’re my everything Don’t you know how much I love you

I miss you, I need you


You didn’t think twice

When you told me

I didn’t realize that

You wouldn’t come home with me

I now it isn’t easy, never simple to forget someone you used to love

I’ve always wondered if you would come home to me

Because I miss you and I need you now with me.

I didn’t mean to hurt you I know it’s never easy to forgive But I need you now and I want you here

Come home to me. I won’t feel more pain. Just come home

You mean everything I miss you  

We all have weeping walls inside of us But only one thing made me smile Babe it’s you. You gave me my strength to believe again

When things were down You’re my strength You’re my faith

You’re my everything Don’t you know how much I love you

I miss you, I need you


Please come back home to me

Don’t you remember?

You said always and forever


The audience clapped and then all of the light went out just like back in Nashville. Everyone was starring. I took my shirt of so that I was wearing the same clothes as I was in Nashville. It was a bit cold to wear it here but I just felt like being the same as I was that day.

All of the kids from the boarding school were there too. There were a lot of Austin’s fans and I couldn’t wait to let them see him perform with me. It was the first time they were going to see him since we came.

Everything was like in Nashville and there were so much screaming when Austin walked out on stage and I couldn’t help but taking his hand and just dance and sing and just give my whole heart into this. After Ridin’ solo, Austin and I sang NO AIR. We hadn’t practiced that song but I knew how he used to sing it and could sing it flawless.

This was probably one of the best days of my life. Austin walked down of the stage when we had finished the song.

Allie: Thank you so much everyone!

They were still clapping.

Allie: You’ve all been amazing and if you wanna hear more from me or my friends you can just YouTube us and then we’ll be there updating you all.

I walked down of the stage and got out into the car. It was beautiful. And I would never forget about this day.

We drove Austin to the airport. And for the first time in 3 months I was going home to my own house. 

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