Just An Ordinary Girl {Austin Mahone}

Allie isn't like everyone else. She's been singing her whole life, but when she went to a college in the other end of Denmark, her life changed.
She started singing in another way, and started posting her videos on YouTube. Everyone started listening to her music, which changed her life a lot.
New friends, Teen Hoot, The American Dream and even a little bit of love. ;)


12. chapter 11


I got up and opened and saw…

Peyton and Dylan standing there with their duvets.

Peyton: We’re gonna sleep here with you guys since it’s your last night here before you’re leaving.

I looked at Camille who sat up with her duvet around her and was almost drooling.

Allie: Hun, you’re drooling.

Camille: sorry.

Allie: what do you think? Should we let them sleep here?

Camille: aha!

Allie: haha fine. Just come in boys.

Neither of them was wearing shirts when they let go of their duvets and Camille started staring with even bigger eyes at Dylan. They were falling in love and it was really cute.

Dylan hugged her close and kissed her on the neck, with the duvet around them.

I walked out on the balcony with Peyton right behind me.

Allie: I hate being this confused.

Peyton: I know but I’m here for you beautiful.

Allie: You know what I just feel like doing right now?

I was looking at Dylan and Camille who sat on the bed and kissed.

Peyton: being like them?

Allie: yeah but I can’t it’s wrong.

Peyton walked closer to me, he looked like he wanted to hug me but kept himself from doing it.

Peyton: It’s your choice. It’s your last night. You’re going home tomorrow.

Allie: I know but I’ll be back. I can’t live without you guys. You’re my best friends.

Peyton: I promise that I’ll come visit you too.

Allie: thanks.

I smiled and looked back at Camille and Dylan who lay down hugging each other.

Allie: they are cute, don’t you think?

Peyton: Yeah… he’s insanely in love with her. I don’t know how it happened so fast.

Allie: The first thing Camille told me when I moved into the room with her was that she was insanely in love with Dylan. He’s her biggest inspiration. Just as you used to be for me.

He looked at me and opened his eyes a lot more.

Allie: I used to love all of your music and all I ever dreamt of was being on a stage with you like we were tonight. It was amazing.

I looked up at the stars and the moon. It was beautiful. Peyton took my hands and looked me right into the eyes.

Peyton: I’ll always be on the stage with you. I might not stand there in person but I’ll be standing there with you in the heart.

I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

Allie: I love you Peyton.

Peyton: I love you too.

I walked back inside and lay down in my bed. Peyton looked like he was going to leave so I got up from the bed and took him back to mine.

Allie: Even though you’re my friend you’re still allowed to sleep here next to me. I’m not gonna do anything to you just because you’re lying there.

Peyton: No but I might hold my arms around you.

Allie: That’s just gonna make me feel save so I don’t mind.

We lay down in the bed and faced each other. We hugged and I looked into his beautiful eyes.

Allie: your eyes are beautiful.

Peyton: You’re the beautiful one.

We shared duvet and I moved even closer to him. I could feel his heart beating against my skin. Before I knew about it I felt his lips against mine but only for a short while.

Peyton: sleep tight beautiful.

Allie: you too.

My voice was only a whisper. I cried by the thought of that I was going home when Teen Hoot finished tomorrow night. I didn’t want to go home. I wanted to stay here with my new friends.

I didn’t take me long before I was sleeping.


*next day at Teen Hoot*

I was standing at the meet and greet and took all the pictures. It was a shame for all of my fans because it wasn’t a real smile that was on my face. Some people wanted pictures with both me and Austin and Peyton and all the other boys, so they got that too.

When the meet and greet session was almost over, this girl from our hotel came up to me.

Girl: Hey Allie!

Allie: hey!

Girl: Can you sign my picture?

Allie: of course!

She handed me a picture of me and Peyton kissing where I wasn’t wearing any shirt. It looked like it was taken from my balcony.

Allie: where did you get this?

Girl: online? It’s all over?

Allie: WHAT?!

Girl: don’t blame me, you’re the one acting slutty in the picture.

Allie: excuse me?

I didn’t feel like signing the picture now. The girl wasn’t even a fan of me, she was a hater because I had kissed Peyton, who she was a fan of.

Girl: you heard me. Don’t you think it’s really pathetic to go all the way from your small pathetic country just to get laid with someone who’s more famous than you are? But guess what. Just because you’re fucking my idol doesn’t mean that we’re gonna be your fans.

Allie: SECURITY! Please take this girl away.

The girl walked away with a security guard watching her. I felt tears in my eyes. How could someone take these pictures?

Austin was the first person to hug me, he was closet to me too.

Austin: Just let it out. It’s gonna be okay trust me.

When the night came I had to say goodbye to everyone. I was crying really hard. I was first at Austin, Alex and Robert’s room. I hugged all of them and kissed Robert on the cheek.

Allie: You all have my number! I’ll call you as soon as I’m in Denmark.

I walked into Dylan and Peyton’s room where Dylan and Camille where crying. They didn’t want to leave each other. It wasn’t fair when someone that perfect for each other had to leave. I looked at Peyton and felt how my stomach hurt.

Allie: I’m gonna miss you so bad.

I dropped all of my stuff and hugged Peyton close into my. I didn’t want to let go, I felt how my heart slowed down and didn’t feel like beating. Yeah that’s actually how I felt. I didn’t want to leave him.

I kissed him like I had never kissed a boy before. We were melting into one thing.

Allie: I’m gonna come back soon. I promise. School is over in 2 weeks. I’m gonna come back then. And I’m taking Camille with me.

We let go of each other and I felt how I was getting punched in the heart. Was it possible to love a person this much? I don’t know but I did. 

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