My Runescape Life

This story talks about my experience within Runescape's World


1. A new Hero Is Born

So there I was, in a world I had never seen before. A world that would change my whole life forever. It tested me with Tutorials, Battles and even the language, so I would be ready for the greatest adventure of my life. The life of a Hero of Runescape!

 The beginning was the hardest I could ask for. I worked hard training my skills, making my money, and even meeting new friends but that was just the beginning.

As time went by, I became stronger, deadly, and feared by many. I slayed the fearest beasts the gods could throw at me. I completed many quests to prove my strenght and will power to every civilization around the world and just when I thought I was the strongest of them all, the Gods once again sent a even stronger, bigger and deadlier beast to slay my soul.

I had no more strenght, no more power, not even energy enough to run away, to keep myself alive. those were my last heartbeats, my last breath. I closed my eyes, and just when I was about to give up my hope and let this Godlike Beast take my soul, my friends came for my rescue, they healed my wounds, my scars and together we created the 1st clan. Joining our strenght, we defeated the creature that almost took my life and once again we had showed the Gods the power within us.

At that date, there was nothing we feared, but everything feared us, not even the mighty dragons would stand against us. The Gods did not know what to do. They had tried so many times, they had tested our strenght at the point where their only option would be to accept us as equals but Zaros arrived and refused to let the others gods to accept that humans could be just as strong as a "God". So from his own flesh and blood Zaros brought us the mightiest creature of them all. A creature so strong that no Hero could slay it alone. A creature that would destroy any soul on it's path. That creature's name forever remembered as "Nex".

We were Heroes not cowards, so we put our clan to test. We gathered as many heroes we could  and we went to war. Once again we were ready to show the Gods that we were the new generation. Many lifes were lost but we had won. The so called "mightiest beast" was defeated. Zaros could not belive not even what he saw with his own eyes. He still refused to accept it, he would never want humans and Gods to be seen as equals so he decide to destroy the world the Gods created.

We could not accept this catastrophic decision to happen. So we decide to give our lifes in exchange for the spare of this world.

Our lifes were taken, our souls lost, so Gelinor could survive.

Today our question remain. Was it worth it to die for?


By Xader Oliveira

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