Under the full moon

Jordan is different from the rest of her family, they all change into wolves under the full moon. When Jordan turns eighteen she feels like it is finally time to give up hope, but maybe, just maybe, eighteen will be her lucky number. Jordan soon finds that she really is different because when the full moon shines brightly on her on her eighteenth birthday, she becomes something of legend amongst her people, something more terrifying than a werewolf.


3. Hurting

Jordan's P.O.V

The pain, oh god the pain! It overwhelmed me, left me helpless and afraid. The pain was like fire and it burned the most in my throat, I wanted to scream and plead for help, for death but I was too weak. It could have been hours since I left for all I know, it felt like days till I felt myself being pulled from the cold, hard ground. Warmth cloaked me like a soft blanket, wrapped around me like the thickest winter coat. Perhaps this was death, if it were then I welcomed it. Death was the escape I had prayed for when my mother died, maybe fate was finally being kind to me. Suddenly the pain overcame me and I knew I wasn't dead yet, a scream pushed past my lips.

"Please, Oh god please make it stop!" I couldn't stop the words from erupting from my lips, the pain clawed at my insides. I felt myself being settled down onto something soft and warm, then something else was being put over me. I didn't have the strength to open my eyes and see what it was. All I could do was whimper and cry and hope that whatever was killing me would hurry up. Then I heard a voice.

"Hush. Come on little girl, you can do it, I know you can. Come on little one just hold on a little longer." It was a request, a plead. Who was this stranger, the one that asked me to keep living. Whoever it was, they gave me the will to hold on. Death was no longer a step away but several, I could do it. I mentally promised the stranger that I would not die, not without some kind of fight. Another voice broke through the buzzing in my ears. 

"What the hell is going on here... Lucy? Lucy is that you?" Desperation coated the words. Lucy, did they mean my mother? It was impossible, someone was asking if I were my mother. Unless there happened to be another Lucy who happened to look just like me. Somehow I managed to speak without screaming.

"Not... Lucy." I panted.

"Then who are you?" The voice asked, defiantly male. 

"Her... daughter... Jordan." My voice broke as I said my name, it hurt too much to say another word. I winced as another shot of pain ran up my throat.

"Oh my god. Damn it someone get some blood, she needs to feed!" The voice said and I was startled. Blood, feed? I was no damn Vampire! I did not drink blood, if I did then my father would have killed me himself years ago. Something was placed at my lips, hot, warm liquid touched my mouth and I opened my lips and drank it in slowly. It tasted of apples and honey, sweet and a tiny bit sour. 

"Good girl, come on little girl, drink up." The first voice said, I supposed it was them that was making me drink. I must have drunk at least a gallon of whatever they were giving me, soon enough I found that I could actually open my eyes. When I did all I could see, was endless blue.

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