Under the full moon

Jordan is different from the rest of her family, they all change into wolves under the full moon. When Jordan turns eighteen she feels like it is finally time to give up hope, but maybe, just maybe, eighteen will be her lucky number. Jordan soon finds that she really is different because when the full moon shines brightly on her on her eighteenth birthday, she becomes something of legend amongst her people, something more terrifying than a werewolf.


1. Full moon

Jordan's P.O.V

No-one asks about me, they don't need to and they don't want to. I am the runt, a disgrace to my family, my mother is the only one who cares. Or at least she did, she died three years ago, leaving me at the mercy of my father who would rather see me die than comfort me. People tell me I asked for this,  that I deserve to be an outcast in my own world, my own family. They're wrong, I didn't ask to be born a runt, if I could change things I would make myself be just like my family. I can't change though, and I pay the price for that. It is yet another full moon, that is what is important to my family today, they don't realise it is my birthday today. They don't care, I'm alone again. Before my mum died we used to stay up late on my birthday or the day after depending on weather it was a full moon or not. Now all I do on my birthday is sit up and think about how my life would be if I were normal, would my father care? would my brothers or sisters, would anyone? I already know the answer but it is hopeless. I stared out into the forest next to our house, I knew my father would send me there tonight because he didn't think I was worthy of seeing my own family in their wolf forms, perhaps he is right. I strolled out the front door and over to the forest, I liked being in the forest anyway, so did my mum. I felt the moonlight fall across me as the clouds parted, that was strange, only werewolves could feel the light of the full moon but I wasn't a true werewolf. A sharp pain twisted inside me and I fell to the ground, crying out in pain. The pain twisted in my again and I had to bite my lip to hold in a scream, it was too much, I lay there panting and knowing I was probably about to die. I could feel my heart beat slowing, the blood in my veins turning older than Atlantic ice. I thought about how my life had been and I was thankful for the years or love I had gotten from my mum, one last twist of pain had me collapsing fully onto my stomach, breathing my last ever breath.

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