Under the full moon

Jordan is different from the rest of her family, they all change into wolves under the full moon. When Jordan turns eighteen she feels like it is finally time to give up hope, but maybe, just maybe, eighteen will be her lucky number. Jordan soon finds that she really is different because when the full moon shines brightly on her on her eighteenth birthday, she becomes something of legend amongst her people, something more terrifying than a werewolf.


2. Finding Her

Zeke's P.O.V

The moon's silvery, dim light shone over my skin. It was the perfect night for hunting, there were a few dear around, a bear or two. My brother was right next to me, he could smell it as well, the blood that ran through an animals veins. My throat burned as the fire of thirst scorched at me from the inside, I sniffed the air again and caught scent of something else, something not quite right. 

"Lyon, can you smell that?" I asked, tacking another whiff. The scent was amazing, it smelt like raspberries and roses juice, delicious yet not quite edible. I saw my brother nod once and then I was off, following the scent. It lead me to an area where the scent was stronger than the smell of ten humans or more. I searched all around, finally setting eyes on a small figure that lay deadly still on the grass and died up leaves. The figure was small and appeared human but it couldn't be, the scent of it told me there was something different about this creature. Cautiously I approached the figure, when I was close enough I saw that it was a young girl, and she appeared to be dying. I instantly fell to my knees and picked the girl up to hold against my chest, her every breath was shallow and slow, her body was cold as winter snow and as pale as it too. It wasn't until I took in her scent again that I realised she was a vampire, probably a born one at that. Lyon chose that moment to walk up behind me to see the girl, a protective feeling like I had never know before rose up within me and I snarled at him. I didn't care that Lyon was my brother, I wasn't letting him close enough to hurt her, I had to protect her. I knew it was unnatural to feel like this over a girl I didn't even know and I didn't care, I only cared about the fact that she needed me and that Lyon could hurt her. My brother didn't take my warning to heart and stepped closer with his hands up, palms facing me.

"Calm down Zeke, I was just checking what was going on." His explanation did nothing to calm me, I snarled again and he stepped back, smart boy. God what was wrong with me? I knew Lyon wasn't a threat but I didn't want him touching her, I didn't want anyone but me touching her. I picked the girl up in my arms, holding her close, keeping her warm. Keeping her from death. A look of confusion crossed my brother's face.

"She is dying, I think she might be a born vampire and if she is it means she is going to need blood but she isn't strong enough to hunt. We have to take her back to the clan, they should be able to save her." I  said and started walking, Lyon followed me closely yet staying back so that I didn't feel the need to snarl again. I all but sprinted back to the clan, all the while holding the nameless girl close. Fear gnawed at me, would the girl live through the journey? God I hoped so, even if I didn't know why, I wanted her to live. 

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