18 year old yasmin anstice has a normal life in Hackney, London
untill her dreams come true and she meets NIALL HORAN from
ONE DIRECTION.But what will happen when she gets kidnapped
by her old boyfriend, DANIEL.Will the boys save her in time????

by the way this is written in honour of my BFF Yasmin Anstice:):):)


2. realising

Yasmins P.O.V

Suddenly he got a handkerchief out of his pocket and started wiping me up best

he could.I must have been blushing madly because he looked up at me and laughed.

"come and have some of my food"he said.I went and sat down with him at his table.

oh my god, id just realised who he was.He was NIALL HORAN from ONE DIRECTION.

Speaking to me!"Ummm i really think i should go"I said nervously "no "He said sadly

"Please don't"oh my god Niall Horan wants me to stay with him.No yasmin don't fan girl.

Nialls P.O.V

She was beautiful like an angel and i didnt even know her name, she probly knew mine though being famous and all that, i asked her."umm er whats your name"I said sheepisly.I must have sounded stupid."oh sorry my name is yasmin, yasmin anstice"she said softly.oh man even her name was beautiful.


"authors note:Sorry i havent written much i have been doing home work and i have been away on

holiday in france.But i will try to write on the weekends and also pls comment i love them:):):)"

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