18 year old yasmin anstice has a normal life in Hackney, London
untill her dreams come true and she meets NIALL HORAN from
ONE DIRECTION.But what will happen when she gets kidnapped
by her old boyfriend, DANIEL.Will the boys save her in time????

by the way this is written in honour of my BFF Yasmin Anstice:):):)


3. A good coincidence

Still Nialls P.O.V

It had been a day since I had met Yasmin, I missed her so much but food always keeps me happy so I went along to the food store. I had nearly filled the whole trolley up when I saw her. Her caramel curls fell lightly around her face and what I loved about her was she didn't put loads of make-up on like some girls do. When she realised I was there she cheerfully said "hey Niall"Oh god even her voice was as soft and as delicate as a feather.I finally snapped back into reality and said "hey Yasmin, Yasmin brown"she smiled at that. God i must be really weird but man her dimples when she laughed were perfect . Absolutely perfect.
Yasmin's P.O.V
I got back from work and flung myself on my couch.When I logged onto twitter I had 5 new followers.Who were they ?OMG they were all the members of one direction.Suddenly the back door swung open and there stood my flat mate, Emily.She was draped in shopping from forever 21, Clair's accessories and mounds more. "Hello can I have some help"She practically yelled."Ph yeah right sorry ems"(that's my nickname for Emily)I said
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